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  3. @Ridley you have clean standard kRO GRF updated 2018 new interface?
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  5. *****DEEPBLUE RAGNAROK ONLINE***** Website: Facebook: SERVER SIDE FEATURES - Blazing fast Singapore dedicated server - DDOS Protection and daily server back-up - Stable, lag-free and well balanced - Strict rules on GM to prevent corruptions o GM cannot deal players o GM have NO gears, No Inventory o GM have NO item creation command - Gepard Shield v2.0 (Full package protection) o Anti-Bot o Anti-Spam o Anti-NoDelay skills o Anti-Macro o Anti SQL Injection o Anti-Sprite Injection o Anti-GRF Injection o Anti-GRF data modification - Up to 2 Clients SERVER INFO - Pre-Renewal, 30x/30x/10x rates - Max Level: 99/70 - Max ASPD: 190 - Max Stats: 99 - Instant Cast: 150Dex - Mini Boss/MVP drop rates 1% - MVP Card drop rates 0.01% - Main/Support/Trade chats available - Non P2W standards - Freebies NPC for all new chars created (Char bound items) - Daily Automated-Events o Dice, Hunt DBRO Plant, Disguise, etc - Daily Rewards - Unique events with the creative GMs - Party Share EXP level gap: 20 - No autoloot for homunculus kills - No EXP gain after 10mins of AFK - 2 types of currency o Zeny o DBRO cards (cash points 1 : 1) - Ways to gain DBRO cards o Events o Vote o Mob drops at 0.50% chance SERVER RESIDENCE NPC - Card Remover (same requirement as official but 100% passing rate) - Job Master - Healer NPC (with 20sec cooldown) - Warper NPC o Fields (except maps with MVP) o Dungeons (except maps with MVP/Quest dungeons) o Towns - Hat Maker NPC - PVP/WOE Warper - Emp break test NPC - WOE supplies NPC (activate only when WOE) CURRENT EVENT - Starting of our March Gadget Event soon (top prizes includes Samsung S6 and Oppo R9S) - Friend Referral Event - Guild lvl 40 Event - Guild lvl 20 Event (only for new players, min 10 pax) FUTURE UPDATES - Android APK coming soon in March or April - Monthly birthday babies freebies - Daily Quest NPC - Push cart accessories - 3rd Job costumes - WOE 2
  6. incorrect sprite.. sprite knight lol
  7. You might be looking for this:
  8. please help me where to find it thanks
  9. Earlier
  10. I sent you a link... but I think I maybe have fixed it now through the system.
  11. Well, I tried it today but the same problem. Download canceled after few minutes. I checked my internet and its stable. :/
  12. Happy Valentines to all

  13. added ,,Akkanea"
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  15. You can check on this:
  16. That my friend is really impressive. The fact that you can allow someone to switch between servers? One being renewal and other being pre-renewal? I'm impressed o_o
  17. 2.21

    4.2.7 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.6 and also adds settings to help with GDPR compliance.
  18. Thanks Mystery. I like your work and helpfulness. Keep it up ~
  19. There is no official English version. Only way to get the game in English is through an English Patch provided by roguard.
  20. Ahhh xD! Okay well, I made it a direct download link instead... so it should work When you get a chance to try it out.
  21. Okay, thank you, but I need to wait till (cool down) expired. Only 10 downloads per week are allowed.. and my "downloads" are filled with the tries to download the client. xD
  22. @WhiteEagle Try downloading the file again.
  23. It seems to be an ongoing thing... I'll do that and see if it works better.
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