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  • Chibi Classes By Mystery

    This GRF resizes the classes and makes them "Chibi" like. It includes weapons, shields, wings, backpacks and lowered emoticons (lowering the emoticons will also affect monsters and pets' emotes, so feel free to remove it if you want).
  • Full kRO Client - 2018-01-18 By Mystery

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    This file contains all of the files needed to play RO. I have tossed in RSU RO Patchers (Lite) from Ai4rei.   Note: I have not included the BGM. You can find the BGM from here:
  • Collection of Happy's Sprites By Wolfeh

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    Collection of Happy's sprites. I thought I would upload since their site is down. Will remove if it ever comes back up. Link to their (down) site.   -Wolfeh
  • Third Job Palettes - Corrected By Mystery

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    Third Job Costumes
    The Correction
    This file is thanks to Haziel: With the advent of jRO releasing new Job Costumes, many of server owners wants to replace the vanilla sprites.
    But, there's a catch, jRO, with the freedom given to them for creating this content, they made it out of the default pattern of paletting.

    In a classic example, you can notice the pattern of the RO palettes.
    What matters is the position of the colors, what means, for all jobs, the white-ish tones will be always on the same row, so, we can use it to create custom palttes.

    See how it works:

    What happened on jRO was that they didn't follow the pattern, making it incompatible with the classical (or @KamiShi) palettes.

    So, I corrected them, making the able to use any of the previously created palettes.

    This package includes:
    - Alternate Genetic M/F + Savage Mounting
    - Alternate Mechanic M/F + Savage Mounting
    - Alternate Guillotine Cross M/F + Hyena Mounting
    - Alternate Royal Guard M/F + Gryffon Mounting + Lion Mounting
    - Alternate ArchBishop M/F + Alpaca Mounting
    - Alternate Ranger M/F + Warg Mounting + Ostrich Mounting
    - Alternate Warlock + Fox Mounting

    As requested by Emistry, I also added an extra, making it more compatible to default palettes:
    - Kagerou/Oboro + Frog Mounting
      Following the another Emistry's request, all files are now already on GRFs. On this 1.4.0 version, I'm including a remade GRF with Classic Palettes on correct folders for those new Costumes.
    The previous version had no Cashmount palette included, this one fixes the issue. Only the already released costumes are supported at this moment. I'll be updating this package if it's needed along with jRO releases.
  • Ariane Palettes By Mystery

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    A collection of Palettes for your use!

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