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    Full kRO Client - 2018-01-18

    This file contains all of the files needed to play RO. I have tossed in RSU RO Patchers (Lite) from Ai4rei.
    Note: I have not included the BGM. You can find the BGM from here:


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  2. Free

    kRO Clients - data.grfs (2016-08-04)

    I would like to personally thank @Ridley for offering these. Offering 2 versions of the grf now. Scroll down for more info. Both data.grf do NOT require rdata.grf.
    FIRST 2 DOWNLOADS - Option 1: (clean standard kRO GRF)
    Download GRF + DLL MEGA.nz Download GRF + DLL Mediafire   
    Its cleaned up, and optimized. A lot of invalid content is removed or merged. The size is 1.18gb (1.275.931.939bytes) most data.grf are 2.1gb+.
    Works perfect with all current pre-renewal and/or renewal content (rdata.grf is not needed). You still need the content of the Translation Project in order to use this. All cutins in this grf are reduced by 40%

    Note: This is pure kro data.grf and does not contain any jro/iro/whatever files
    LAST 2 DOWNLOADS - Option 2: GRF with the content of all official servers
    Download enhanced GRF + DLL Mediafire Download enhanced GRF + DLL MEGA.nz  
    This GRF contains all official files. Its cleaned up, and optimized. A Lot of invalid content is removed or merged. The size is 1.39gb (1.493.587.980bytes)
    The grf is up-to-date 2016-08-04.Please throw a PM on me if this GRF is missing something! I want this to be the most complete one of all 
    Small Summary:
    more than 90 additional maps more than 600 additional items more than 60 additional NPC's more than 130 additionalmobs more than 700 additional cutins I already added  the files from the Translation Project, all left to do is to adjust your clientinfo.xml




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