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Do you have some artwork to show? Even if it isn't yours, you can still showcase it! Remember to provide the original author's information.

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    • View File Tanka This funny mobs from game Meal Slug...  I hope everyone like it    Submitter jaran2200 Submitted 02/20/2018 Category Monsters Content Author Agugen  
    • @Ridley you have clean standard kRO GRF updated 2018 new interface?
    •   NPC for ultimate refining tickets "Wandering smith raven" was established. Installation location "Satellite city Izrude (coordinates: 139, 130) Installation period February 20, 2018 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance End - March 27 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance Start In the "Labyrinth of Dreams ~ Geffen Underground Giant Cavity ~" event, we did the following work. A survey strengthening week has started. With the start of the survey strengthening week, we deleted the quest related to "regeneration / re-entrance time limit" which is currently given to the character. Survey strengthening week February 20, 2018 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance End - February 27 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance Started ■ "Certified Internet Cafe Maru bon bonus week" started. Implementation period February 20, 2018 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance End - February 27 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance Started ■ Added placement place of NPC "JONDA Nobody". ■ Event NPC "Magician · Nirelem" has been removed. ■ I added a set effect to the following items and changed the explanation text. Target item Eye of the eagle 
      bear the power of 
      lucky day 
      speed of light 
      steel armor 
      runaway magic ■ Some cue pet change item description has been changed. There is no change in item performance. ■ Update · Event Information Notice NPC "Shinko Public Relations" changed the words. Related pages       Full Patch Notes
    •   Common Patches   - The New Year event ends in 2018, and event items are deleted.  → Target item to be deleted: Ink balls, Fresh octopus legs, Zodiac choco balls, DOG bottles-Z, DOG bottles, Roasted octopus  → The 'Costume Resilience Increase and MHP + 18%' option of 'Costume DOG' is deleted.   - The Welcome Cloak event ends and the event item is deleted.  → Delete target event item: Flower with welcome   - The Suites Festival ends and the event items are deleted.  → Target item to be deleted: Sweet crepe, strawberry cream cake, fruit parfait, moist macaroon, sweets festive coin, 
                    delivery chocolate, stolen cacao bean, football cake, strawberry cream cake, Montblanc cake 
       → ' Experience Gain 8% increase] option will be deleted.   - 'Heart of Agreement' item will be added.  → 'Heart of the contract' is an item that prevents loss of experience 
        when you die. If you are holding it without additional operation or time limit, it is automatically consumed one by one when you die.  → The 'heart of the contract' can be exchanged by using [five insurance certificates of life insurance].  → exchange NPC: prontera 82 108  ※ [for sale] Life insurance certificate can not be exchanged.   - Kachua probability increase event is ended.   - The event will be canceled in 2018 and the event item will be deleted.  → Deleted event items: chewy gara-cakes, octopus tteokguk, freshly cooked octopus tteokguk, bags   - Delphise skills by reducing the MaxHP Emperium will be corrected.   - Added a list of costumes for the exchange of "Hadham Fellows" from Malangdo to Nantang Darae. (12:32 am)  → New list (3 kinds): Costume Baby penguin, Costume of Madonna's hood  → Delete list (3 kinds): Costume shaving foam, costume black and white temptation, costume claw cat  → The new costume equipment can be exchanged for item "costume enchant stone box 15".  ※ 'Little blinking costume costume' was confirmed to be unusually applied to the toramu, it was excluded from the update today.   Thank you for your understanding.   - A list of costume enchantments of NPC [Averdothish] of Malangdo is added. (12:32 am)  → List: Costume Baby penguin, Costume of Madonna's Hood   - Ten lucky charms will be discontinued.         Sakray Server Patches   - Opens the tooltip when the information on the party window is shortened.   - Fixed the phenomenon that right-click menu of mini-party window is hidden in mini-party window.   - Illusions of Teddy Bear is updated.  → Illusion of Teddy Bear is open. 
         Talk to a young man on the street in Einbroch (einbroch 149, 242).   - Fixed anomalies related to friends.  → If the nickname of a friend is changed, the phenomenon of not updating normally will be fixed.  → If two characters are located on different maps, the phenomenon that friend application can not be done will be corrected.  → If you receive a friend request for multiple characters, the status of the last friend request will be fixed.       Full Maintenance - Patch Notes
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