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    • hm to be honest, I doubt it'd hurt to have it... maybe some people would just like to search by  cards that equip in weapon, armor, shield, etc. 
    • it works with 2014 exes? i mean i can use any exe before 2016?
    • November Digest 2017
      The following digest covers the month of November, 2017.   Staff Changes None. Development Highlights CORE: Started initial work for map server to C++ (c4a364be, a49a1a52) Started initial work for char server to C++ (24b3509e) Started initial work for login server to C++ (a587b913) Refactored achievements to utilize C++ features (1c660357) Resolved skill NK checks (6decf6c6) Adjusted item drop minimum value limit (86241b0e) Added battle config autoloot_adjust (63daab58) Fixed twice assigned values (1f7a314c) Changed emoticons constant name (ea88ea50) Merged emotion and unitemote script command into `emotion`, the previous emoticons constant names and unitemote script command are now deprecated! (ea88ea50) Updated Heal formulas to match kRO (805a6fb6) Added support for 2017-10-25 and 2017-11-01 clients (243f4ca3, c20d1cc3) Fixed spawn infos after mobdb reload (ba9314cb, e148bd3a, b2d904b7) Implemented new monster range (b2ab9724) Adjusting Vending tax to match official (8e002bc9) Added a new Vending Tax config (3ce3bc3f) Corrected a ShowError output (1645fc0c) Fixed spinlock issue (618b9356) DATABASE: Added new NPC and Mob ID placeholders (af358809, 125ab285) Corrected Mavka Card item bonus (e0b43ecc) Updated warper NPC (c6fe9e9c) Updated rune and skill effects of Rune Knight (da088357) Corrected Valhalla Idol item bonus (c4ce8cfe) Corrected Free Cast and Exceed Break walk speed (9766ec94) Corrected Hyuke's Black Cat Ears and Wickebine's Black Cat Ears item bonus (50ef5650) Corrected Hell Inferno Dark damage behavior (6fdb6059) Fixed dummy at Prontera prevents critical attack from being displayed (c45db5d6) Added 2 new hat effects (c5af8c76) SCRIPT: Fixed negative NPC input checks for arena_points.txt (c09929aa) Added mapflag `nowarpto` to Novice Island RE maps (c6cc8ede) Fixed deprecated emotion in GeffenMagicTournament.txt (cd089155) Added save point in Izlude and updated monsters spawn in prt_fild08 (ca1b980e) Fixed typo in Weapons Expert BK (ead1ed91) Moved close3 function into Global_Functions.txt (d708fb35) Fixed Bifrost Tower in Warper NPC (cfb8b42d) OTHERS: Cleaned up and harmonized cmake file (e7e9cf6d) Temporary adjustment for strict aliasing (67331599) Harmonized include guards (728a29d4) Resolved some compile warnings (c13f271a) Added `emotion` and `unitemote` conversion tool in Python script (576d4886, c5ceda03, 4f62f68e, 34817c97) Respect the default platform toolset (a2e8d027) Changed minimum VS version to VS 2013 SP5 (4de727ef) Fixed compilation for the Windows XP API (60b54917) Resolved a compile warning on pre-renewal (cdbb14b9) Fixed tools/config.pl (03da2f68) Corrected a potential map crash with achievements (114bebac) Fix basic_test not having common.lib has dependancies registered in solution (664ea478) Added custom src files to rAthena.sln (02044c0d) Statistics Excluding merges, 12 authors have pushed 65 commits to master and 85 commits to all branches. On master, 383 files have changed. There have been 8,322 additions and 7,251 deletions. There are 31 merged Pull Requests and 13 Proposed Pull Requests. There are 12 new Issues and 55 Closed Issues. List of Contributors @4144, @AetherHaziel, @aleos89, @Atemo, @CairoLee, @cydh, @Daegaladh, @darhylism, @ecdarreola, @Encon21, @hartonox, @hendra814, @Jeybla, @Lemongrass3110, @lighta, @lunixoid, @mazvi, @mgksrt8, @RagnarokNova, @reymarbc, @Rytech2, @sader1992, @Sweet520, @Tokeiburu, @uddevil, @zackdreaver Show your support to rAthena by submitting your Issue or Pull Requests!
      By providing enough useful info (Git Hash, Client Date, RE/Pre-RE, crashdump, how to reproduce, etc) you will help us to solve the issues faster View the full article
    • Wow thanks for sharing let see 
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