Becoming Verified

What is a Verified Account? verified.png

Sell items in our Marketplace: Any account with a red verified badge on their profile is a verified account. The user who has a Verified status is a recognized member of the RO community and has the option to vend items in our marketplace.  As a Verified member, you are binded to the Verified's Guide, the Seller Policy and our Terms of Use.


Becoming Verified

Becoming verified is free: Becoming a verified user and vending your items in Midgard's market is free, but there is a review process before your items become viewable in the market. 


How do I become Verified?

In order to become a Verified member here at Midgard Community, you must go through a screening process. If you would like to apply to go through the process, please submit an application here. Along with the application, users must also have some reputation in the RO community. 

  • Do you have a Paid Service at rAthena, Hercules, eAthena, etc?
  • Do people give you fair judgement?
  • Is your service reputable?


How to identify an official Verified account:

  • 1. The verified badge will appear next to a user's name on their profile page and will also appear near their name in topics.
  • 2. If the verified badge does not appear on someone's account, they are not considered verified.
  • 3. The verified badge will have the same colour even if the user customizes their profile page.


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