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  1. kRO has announced a new Ragnarok.... Ragnarok Zero. What is Ragnarok Zero? Basically put, Ragnarok Zero is going to be a new beginning... back to when it wasn't Renewal! With this in mind, they want you to remember the olden day memories we all have bundled in our heads. They are also doing a lot of new UI changes and adding tons of new content... of course keeping everything Trans-based and no Third Jobs. We all remember those days of playing RO before renewal... and well, kRO wants to make sure we keep them and relive them through Ragnarok Zero. Here are some infographics that I translated to give us more of a sense of what's in store for us. What are you thoughts? I really love that new navigation interface along with the character creation... and glad they are putting the random options enchantments in this mode. Here is their opening animation for Ragnarok Zero: PS: You'll see the Doram Race as well.
  2. kRO is working on a new mode titled Ragnarok Zero. Basically, they no longer develop "classic" servers... it is all Renewal. However, this new Ragnarok Zero will bring back the classics while keeping some Renewal content?
  3. Quick new update preview: xD
  4. Ever since I have updated the database, made it using a responsive layout, and practically "integrated" it into the website, I've seen some increase in activity from users! Responsive Browsing: Desktop users (81.1%) Mobile (17.3%) up by 4.4% Tablet (1.6%) up by 0.8% Browsing Activity: Users are now browsing for longer periods of times; an average of 5 minutes (up by 236%). Average sessions have been increased by about 5%. According to these brief analytics, people are using the database which is a good thing! It still needs some work on it of course, but it's getting there. Don't forget to share the database around
  5. Is that going to be the new attack animation?
  6. Knight - Charge Attack

    Obtaining Charge Attack To get Charge Attack for the Knight class, you need to head to Prontera and talk to someone inside the Knight's guild building. Inside the Prontera Chivalry (prontera 48, 343), Talk to Essofeit (prt_in 85, 99) Go outside, talk to each of the knights in the group standing just to the east of the Chivalry (prontera 75, 355) Start with the invisible chat bubble to the left of the Grand Master. After clicking on it, talk to the bottom right "Knight." Then, talk to the top left "Knight," not the one by the tree. Then, talk to the top right "Knight." Go back inside, talk to Essofeit again. Go back outside, talk to the Knight Gatack (prontera 66, 358) He comments about Essofeit missing training and mentions how Essofeit says that all Knights should be able to obtain 5 Candy Canes and 3 Witherless Roses. With the 3 Witherless Roses and 5 Candy Canes in your inventory, head back inside the Chivalry to talk to Essofeit. Select "Give him the Witherless Roses and Candy Canes" at the prompt. He'll tell you that he needs time to make preparations. Talk to Essofeit again and he'll teach you Charge Attack. Credit: iRO
  7. Updated Forums - 2.19

    Forums have been updated to 4.2.6: RSS feeds now use guest page caching system Analytic tracking code has been moved to inside head tag Ad code placement has a new setting to clarify how sidebar display should be handled Various enhancements to Redis engine including data stored encrypted at rest Search result improvements
  8. Homepage - 2.18

    Homepage: Fixed up some CSS on the main site Moved around some code to make way for new additions to the sidebars Other: Added "Recent Changes" sidebar to the forum to display current Release Notes
  9. View File Purple Slotmachine Coloured Slotmachine. Replace the current slotmachine in your data/sprite folder. Submitter Mystery Submitted 11/13/2017 Category Client Interface Content Author Gravity, ROPH  
  10. Purple Slotmachine

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Coloured Slotmachine. Replace the current slotmachine in your data/sprite folder.


  11. ACtually yeah. Looks like they're back? Not sure how active their servers are though.
  12. Updated again - Third picture is the recent one ! Coming along.
  13. I'm working on a new FluxCP theme; Cleanse. It's the theme I created back in the day for MC. I am now making it a FluxCP theme. Here is a quick snippet of it.
  14. Currently editing / touching up a new FluxCP theme. Here's a video of the theme in action so far.
  15. View File PreMade Flux - Uprising Theme This is a fully integrated FluxCP theme. It has been themed for the Hercules FluxCP, but it should work for rAthena; you might just need to remove the theme selector in the footer. When I make any updates to this file, users who have already purchased the file will get the updates for free. I fixed it up quite a bit... few broken elements. If you purchase this download and run into any troubles, please PM the issues/bugs. Of course, I will not fix any issues/problems that come up from edits you've done. The theme is a pretty basic bootstrap integrated theme. Since it is a basic theme, you can't expect all the bells and whistles. Keep in mind that this is just the theme and not the whole FluxCP bundled. Some Features: RSS Feed separated into 2 different feeds (user configs) w/ images PvP Ladder SQL Table (It uses AnnieRuRu's PvP Ladder NPC Script) the #1 player's whole character will display if you have a char generator setup (i.e. RoCharGen) Server Status Checker Online Players Checker Responsive Theme Back to Top Fontawesome / Bootstrap Support: Support will only be given to those with PoP (Proof of Purchase). Submitter Mystery Submitted 11/11/2017 Category Website Themes Content Author Mystery