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  1. just tested, looks really cool, but they cant sit /sad
  2. View File Simple patcher Theme [PSD+cofig included] a simple and tiny thor patcher theme! Submitter Cyro Submitted 06/16/2017 Category Patcher Themes Content Author cyro  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    a simple and tiny thor patcher theme!


  4. that really did help! thank you
  5. mind sharing website?
  6. Just download popcorn time app,
  7. Jhon wick chapter 2?
  8. My very first character was an Archer, there was no rebirth classes by then as remember, I remember always be afk in Archer Village, and the only thing I used to hunt was greatest generals, (after feeling willows, elder willows are too weak), sitting for sp regeneration to use double strafe, making own arrows Nine tails was nightmare in payon field 11, Ever since ill start with Archer class with my own support acolyte class to buff myself
  9. and the bumping award goes to @Harambe.
  10. +1 for this, it will reduce alot of spamming and makes forums clean, btw every 2-3 days means they need ot wait 2-3 days once they downloaded for a day? is there any particular post count or some condition for member to move from midgard-novice to midgard-member group, if yes you might consider adding a condition that user must release at least one free release or any kinda contribution to midgard! PS- i am hoping support section to be active instead users coming to midgard just to download files please feel free to correct me if anything
  11. View File pepperroti chicken npc sprite this npc matches roaster hat which i uploaded before, Submitter Cyro+ Submitted 05/13/2017 Category NPC Sprites Content Author jro  
  12. Version 1.0.0


    this npc matches roaster hat which i uploaded before,


  13. View File Roast Memory Chicken Head chicken head Submitter Cyro+ Submitted 05/13/2017 Category Headgears Content Author jro  
  14. Roast Memory Chicken Head

    Version 1.0.0


    chicken head