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  1. View File Diamond Sky Thor Patcher This Thor Patcher is free for all. Submitter Quazi Submitted 06/14/2016 Category Web Templates Author Quazi  
  2. Thanks for sharing
  3. this one surprise me ,, i thought this one is paid but now it's free to all .. this is excellent.
  4. good sharing.. a lots of people will get interest on this
  5. i use saknew too and skill modification for wizards.. when doing pvp and woe i'll try to look in my old files for skill modification and share it here
  6. perfect for alternate third job sprite.. thanks for sharing
  7. Thanks for sharing this.. this is gonna be so cool for Facebook comments
  8. is this a NPC file??.. if yes i'll bookmark this cuties
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This Thor Patcher is free for all.


  10. i think im gonna start posting now lol.. and upload my one and only file..
  11. playable on rooted phone?