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  1. I heard that ragnarok PH has been resurrected?..
  2. Oh gosh... that theme is completely pink i like your current designs better lol
  3. I think a pretty basic one could be, "You can use emoticons to chat with other fellow players?"
  4. ehhhhh it does look good tho lol! much better.
  5. sweetttt! finally some updates to shadow chaser. Though to be hoenst... do genetics actually need a buff? to their homuns? really lol.
  6. Oh wow those look amazing! i hope you're working on more @Kyrellia?
  7. nice! That's always a plus to have that many peeps haha. What map is that too?
  8. hm very interesting lol i def want to stay active then S:
  9. yeah that would make more sense
  10. glad people are contributing ;0
  11. I don't really like RO2 either. Im so use to Ragnarok graphics that all other MMORPGs that don't have the same graphics drives me nuts lol
  12. Does anyone like this background music compared to Prontera?
  13. How dated are these ones...
  14. It doesn't look that much of a big "difference". Maybe it has stronger skills? But I can't really tell.