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  1. i play xilero 5 years ago now many thing have change they pay to much money for this game that why i dont play it any more
  2. Good luck to your server !
  3. i really like music can you give me some project are you doing ?
  4. it's prefer what server are you playing or how much do you can pay attention for equipments
  5. i Think it's Mid rates
  6. Thank for sharing njuyen look nice guys
  7. Good I like to play Teakwon job look like my friend when we was young :))
  8. Build max STR and max AGI you will know how i try
  9. look like njuyen like me :))
  10. Hello i from Vietnam
  11. in this episode we have connect everything Is really new for us
  12. you can try on to Ragnarok Việt Nam many people play it