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  1. Hehe, I had a bit of the experience of playing with him in the kRO, but my biggest experience with him is in the Nova. :v
  2. I think it would be better to use a forum. '-'
  3. Woow, very interesting! Good work. ^^ Thanks for sharing!
  4. Portuguese script? Whatever, thanks for sharing.
  5. Good work. Thanks for sharing! xD
  6. Hummm, I saw the Rebellion in a new kind of mount, a motorcycle. o-O Is it official or custom? Font: servrag.
  7. No, Dorams has more life than a SC. o-o' There is a build of Dorams that makes them a true wall, which focuses on the Tuna Party skill.
  8. Low stats do you say compared to a 3rd class? Because dorams have the same status points as a 3rd class o_O. Anyway, there is an outdated Doram video on WoE:
  9. View File Japan Anniversary NPC A very simple file, with illusts and npc sprite! Submitter Ryuji Submitted 12/01/2016 Category NPC Sprites Content Author Gravity  
  10. Hmmm, sprites looking very nice. I'm waiting for play this game! It will be exciting!
  11. Japan Anniversary NPC

    Version 1.0.0


    A very simple file, with illusts and npc sprite!


  12. What? Can dorams and humans marry? Gravity is insane dude. Marriage between doram and human is already a little crazy, but being able to generate a child between species is even crazier.
  13. Hm, it's a pretty cool class, and very overpowered in pvping. On some private servers they dominate PvP Arenas. :v
  14. It's a very nice idea! Good work.
  15. Nice, very good for pvp purposes. Thanks very much.