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  1. Well, I tried it today but the same problem. Download canceled after few minutes. I checked my internet and its stable. :/
  2. Thanks Mystery. I like your work and helpfulness. Keep it up ~
  3. Okay, thank you, but I need to wait till (cool down) expired. Only 10 downloads per week are allowed.. and my "downloads" are filled with the tries to download the client. xD
  4. I got the same problem since days..... Networkerror !!
  5. There are some very nice pictures. Hope you all have a good time with your server~
  6. Very nice. It's sad that the most items looks same as all.... Valk Shield looks like guard/buckler etc....
  7. Wish you good luck.
  8. same here
  9. Wooow. Love this costumes. RO come alive~
  10. Need to be scared what this year comes?
  11. Haha the Kafra. So funny.
  12. At this moment I play Rider of Icarus. Aion is dead and all games what Gameforge claim goes down!....
  13. Cool idea btw with this color function.
  14. I love this game. I start the game with a swordman...