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  1. trying to make the new sura sprite kick..:D thanks to @Mystery for uploading the sprite..:D
  2. Just wanted to share my latest work.. The projectile is still an arrow... Still working on how to make it look like rocks, hehe..XD
  3. Trying the sprites with my buddies..:)
  4. Hmmm.. No weapons i guess..:) haha.. Anyway, is there any skill names more suitable for the two skills you quoted?
  5. Actually, i thought of adopting some of taekwon skills, particarly Running and the kicking stances.. Here are of the skills I think i will add.. Footwork (Max Level 10)Increases damage when using kicks by (2*SkillLV)%.Dynamic Entry (Max Level 7)Can only be used while running. Initiated by running and performs a jumping kick. Targets hit by this skill are knocked back and if the target collides with an obstacle, target receives additional damageSweeping Kick (Max Level 7)performs a sweeping kick around an area causing targets to sit.Heart Seeker Kick (Max Level 7)can only be used after the delay of any TK-kick. a fast combo kick that hits the chest of the target.Crushing Heel Drop (Max Level 7)can only be used after the delay of Heart Seeker Kick..Summon Spirit Sphere(Max Level 5) Same as Monk SkillSpiritual Cadence (Max Level 5)Same as Monk Skill_____________________________________________________________________YANG SKILLS (Male Exclusive) (Masculinity) (Max Level 5)Passive: Increases Damage on Female Characters.Yang's Esscence (Max Level 5):adds a 20% Holy-elemental bonus to physical attack.Fortitude: (Max Level 10) Passively Increases HP & Dodge.Sunshine: (Max Level 5)When server time is daytime, hp regen, sp regen & movement speed is increased._____________________________________________________________________YIN SKILLS (Female Exclusive)(Femininity) (Max Level 5) Passive: Increases Damage on Male Characters.Elegance: (Max Level 10)Passively Increases Aspd & Hit.Yin's Esscence (Max Level 5): adds a 20% Dark-elemental bonus to physical attack.Nightfall (Max Level 5):When server time is nighttime, hp regen, sp regen & movement speed is increased._____________________________________________________________________Ensemble Skill: (Can be used if caster of Opposite gender is present within 5x5 area) Harmony: (Max Level 5) Active:When used, increased damage regardless of target's gender. Equinox:(Max Level 5)hp regen, sp regen & movement speed is increased regardless of time.
  6. Hello.. I was thinking of creating a separate class for the kicking champion, naming it Taoist Class..:) would you mind sharing your thoughts about some skills that is suitable for the class? Thanks..:) My thoughts are of course an attack mastery, basic kicking skills, and combo kicks.. another is YANG skills which is exclusively for male characters and YIN skills for females..:) and lastly, an ensemble skill because of the YIN/YANG skill tree.. what about you guys? i would love to hear all of your ideas..:D
  7. thanks for the comments guys..:D btw, i will be using these sprites on the server below..:D that server (server owner) is my client..:)
  8. I don't have enough posts yet.. Haha.. Thanks for the advice btw.. I'll be looking at it in the future..
  9. behold, my latest creation.. the kicking champion.. haha..
  10. trying it in-game.. credits to my friend Sean Manlapig for helping me clean the sprite, i don't know if he is a member here though.. haha..
  11. trying it ingame.. haha..XD kafra male.. lol..
  12. XD yeah.. I just thought that kafra is a maid, haha.. Lol.. Thanks for the comment.. I'll be fixing the vest.. Mind if i ask what is still missing and off with the sprite? Thanks..
  13. kafra male preview..XD
  14. thanks for the comments..:D the sprites are not final yet.. i will be refining them little by little.. but it takes a lot of time to clean those pixels.. so i will be giving visual updates on the sprites from time to time..:D