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  1. Sry mystery but the ones he asked was not released yet, these were released with Kagerou/Oboro and Rebellion...
  2. Ok, FInally New Info about them: Taekwon Job Update Release Date is on 2017 or early 2018 - Evolved Taekwon skills will be revamped/balanced (just like happened to Ninja/Gunslinger) (We can see a sightly changes on the sprites, and WHAT ARE THOSE HAIRSTYLES, I WANT THEM!) SE Tree: SR Tree: (No SL pre-requesites? o.O) Confirmed level cap of 175/60.
  3. Nice done, see doram skills in action as mobs is very funny rsrsrs
  4. Very Nice, I'll download and test later!!
  5. Shura will be the next: Ok, Add a Shirt on the sprite and we got a alternate costume rsrsrsrsrs
  6. http://ziu-ro.blogspot.com.br/2017/07/official-summer-2017-updates-dev-kro.html Official Summer 2017 Updates Dev kRO Note [Part-1] According Ziu's blog, kRO started the changes for this summer (here is winter but anyways). 1 - Shadow Chaser Job Improvement First is fix for the Shadow Chaser Jobs. These fixes are necessary for "more movement free". All these changes are focused on the large cost, and damage they had on some skills. 1 - Preserve [Preserve] buff before deactivate when you change the map, now [Preserve] will still active if you change the map. Ziu's Note: This looks more like a bug fix than a improvement, known as "Aegis dispell". 2 - Reproduce The skill [Reproduce] has a Penalty of doubled SP cost for the "Reproduced" Skill, now with the change the SP Cost of a skill learned with Reproduce will be increased by 30%, a reduction of 70% in the Penalty. Now If you reproduce [Severe Rainstorm] with Level 5 the sp cost is 240 (Very high for the Shadow Chaser), now with this change the cost will be 156 SP. {Old Description > New Description) 3 - Auto Shadow Spell Kown as [Shadow Spell] still applies in the same way. Now if you have a auto-cast item and [shadow spell] with the same spell learned, only the higher level spell will be applied to avoid shadow spell casting the item spell, or the item casting the shadow spell. Now Like in [Auto Spell] (Hindsight in iRO) of Sages, even if you miss the attack, the spell still can be activated, AND NOW AUTO SHADOW SPELL CAN BE USED WITH BOWS! (Spell casting when the hit miss > Spell being used with the bow) 2 - Homunculus System Second is the Fix on Genetic's Homunculus System. These changes are necessary to improve the homunculus efectiveness. 1 - Changes on Level System Now the experience gained by the homunculus will follow the same bonuses of his master. Experience Events and items applied on the Player will now affect the homunculus, like the battle manuals. 2 - Base level Increased Now the homunculus max level is 150, after the change the max level will be 175, like his master. Some skills might be improved. 3 - Fixed the After-Cast Delay of Normal Homunculus Skills Actually the after-cast delay of the standard homunculus is very high, making them obsolete when you turn in a Homunculus S, the after-cast of all normal homunculus skills will be decreased. 4 - Fix on Homunculus S Skills After the fix on Normal Homunculus a fix they will proceed in a Fix on homunculus S, because of the level expansion some skills will improve their effects. All the changes still unknown, but some are already shown: A) Sera The skill [Needle of Paralyze] will have improved damage and less cooldown. B ) Dieter The skill [Pyroclastic] will loss the weapon break effect. C) Eira The skill [Erase Cutter] Will be Neutral on all levels, cast and after-cast delay will be reduced, skill damage will be increased. The skill [Xeno Slasher] Will be Wind on all levels, cast and after-cast delay will be reduced, skill damage increased. D) Eleanor The cooldown and after-cast of [Sonic Claw] will be changed, the range in increase to 2 cells. Reduced a bit the cooldown of [Silvervein Rush] and Midnight Frenzy] skills. E) Bayeri Changed after-cast and reduced the cooldown of [Stahl Horn] Skill. Reduced the Cooldown and increased the Range of [Heilage Stange] Skill. 5 - Homunculus Battle System Change Now have a AI wich allow to chose between attack only or use skills. The Agressive mode moves in the Master's Decision Passive Mode (Attack, flee, follow) same moves in the Master's decision. Freitas' Persnoal Note: I really don't understand what this means, I've tried the korean text too but this part doesn't look clear to me, does both mode works by the same way? 3 - Instance Destruction Function When you generate a instance you now have the option to vanish it without wait the 5 minutes. The funciton only works if None of the party members can be inside of the instance, and only the party leader can destroy it. (A new button to destroy the Instance) Ziu's Note: Remember that now, once you create an instance while it is active the party is blocked and does not allow members to leave or enter new ones. 4 - MVP PET System To Finish, MVP's will appear in Pet System now. The first released MVP's will be [Phreeoni] and [Moonlight Flower] wich can be obtained in the 15° Anniversary Special Event. As Special Pets, they will be harder to get loyality but the reward will be higher. Who will be the first to master one? This Finish the first batch of updates, of this Summer, they're still in development can be changed until the release. Well, Discussions just right here, SC Buff, Homunculus Buff, And MVP's Pets
  7. Davven (duh it is on the watermark) made this, is a old paid file, but we don't have it, and even if we had, we can't share beacuse is a paid sprite. kRO Gunslinger mount a Peco.
  8. The mythical lion is for TKM, no? well if it work in Taekown boys is a good choice. The gears for TK's are a bit limited, no Weapon he can't wear any xD Shields are optional, you maybe will use one if needed, valkyrja's shield is the best option carded to reduction cards. Armors are very limited I personally used Odin's Blessing+Stone Buckler+Magni's Cap, but only for combo purpose, you can use a Goibne's Armor too. If your server gives a good all jobs armor take it. Manteaus and Footwears for me the Mithil manteau+Vidar Boots was the best option in the past, for hp, but now I am not sure, maybe there will be more options arround. A sloted gear can be a better option if you take good cards to compensate. Accessories are Medal of Honor, of course the effect is great but you can opt for a sloted ring or anything with better attack bonus.
  9. Well if you are ranker, you don't need to worry about the skills, but the status to PvE are: str - 60~80 agi - 1~60 vit - 50~70 int - 1~30 dex - 40~80 luk - 1~30 Well, the ranker does not need to worry about attack speed, so your agi will be only for flee, dex for decent hit and extra damage, vit for hp (remember tk ranker base hp is multiplied by 3 so you don't need much vit), str for damage, if you can put 99 in str, feel free to do it rsrsrs, luk only for status resistance, or extra damage if you can't put more points in str or dex, then int for sp, froze immunity, but for PvE freeze will not be a big problem.
  10. You'll be BUMPED back to the post count = 0 .-.
  11. No info Yet, I still waiting for news...
  12. Oh dear @Mystery The author is Gravity. rsrsrsrsrsrs
  13. Yeah you are right, I still working on the style to fit more in the RO style, not a easy task but I still have a long way to take. When I got something solid, I'll add here.
  14. I Don't Know, and don't care for now, I didn't even know if I'll made him as paid, I just know someday it will be finished and released.
  15. @Mystery I've double checked the data and didn't found this sprite, so nope, gravity did not made it, they only made the bow equipement (the malangdo rental item) but this weapon sprite is custom. Maybe I miss the sprite but w/e.