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  2. Common Patches - Skill "Ignition Break" effect of the overlapping phenomenon is corrected. - February Event Suites Festival begins.  Meet Frontera's [Festival Chairman Chocolat] (prontera 163 98). - The setup event starts.  Meet Mew in Peyton Quay (payon 220 112). - Welcome Corridor event will begin.  You may be entitled to enter the corridor of the Welcome from Comodo [The Phantom of the Illusion - comodo 214 186].  74 cloistered MVP boss monsters will be added.  Five new monster skills will be added to the MVP boss monster that appears in the corridor of Welcome.  1) Recovery transition  2) Change location  3) Gravity increase  4)  5) Allsteaddown - Fixed a case where the Doram tribe is wearing a Black Cat item and the position error does not occur. - The phenomenon of superimposing the toramu sphere ball effect is corrected. - The Guild Announcements field changes to Consolidated Space. - The item preview window is resized. - Fixed the problem that the mouse wheel is not used normally in quest list. - When using warehouse minitab, every time the warehouse is opened, minitab is opened. - Something that does not expose some information on homepage transaction status page is fixed. - Navigation> World map, glast heam Indoor (gl_in01) guide is not normal phenomenon is fixed. - At some levels of Fire, Colt, and Lightning Bolt, the casting time has been changed to an anomalous part. - Illusion of Moonlight, Vampire, Frozen, Added card illustration of old archery (10:40 addition).  ※ Cylindrical soldier card illustration will be added later. - Explanations of ominous permanent cards are clearly modified. (13:40 additional) - The description of the random option is more clearly modified. (13:40 addition)  → Undead property ▷ Immortality  → Increase CRI to monster ▷ / 10 Delete mark  → Property monster ▷ Attribute  → General monster ▷ General  → Small / medium / large monster ▷ Small / Medium / Large - The limited edition item of "Fashion" is also removed from the exchange list. (14:14 additional) - Character selection window and cache shop UI will be changed. - Experience points event applied when integrating Egirdiram server ends. - Ten lucky charms will be on sale.  → Period: After regular inspection on February 7, 2018 ~ February 21, 2018 Before regular inspection  → Contents: Good luck charity event progresses. Full Maintenance - Patch Notes
  3. January Digest 2018 The following digest covers the month of January, 2018. Staff Changes None. Development Highlights CORE: Turned pet db into a dynamic map (fb966a12) Updated Item Group features (32950ece) Implemented getequiptradability script command (bfb6972c) Fixed a wrong fifohead allocation (c4bfe0b1) Merged two similar conditions on mapchange (6f01321b) Fixed typo in atcommand.cpp (a6818eb5) Fixed space allocation for new castle data (48d79cef) Added RagexeRE support until 2018-01-03 (7a0f3d0e) Fixed a minor typo in client.conf's comment (0ccf309c) Updated Spanish message conf (e9bb1064) Added support for 2018-01-17aRagexeRE (c4a57c57) Cleaned up whisper code between map-servers (3a8c8a9d) Fixed mapserver crash on script command warp (bb0dd7b8) Fixed a problem with instance_db import (ec59e955) Fixed required weapon messages (de9b4efd) Fixed minor style typo in clif_obfuscation.hpp (db4e9b25) DATABASE: Updated Item DB (8e45966c, 19e712c8) Added new mob placeholders and npc ids (8c53679a, dea92eef) Corrected Cannibalize behavior (15b6d5cc) Fixed SQL sync (f02cde4e) Implemented item "Lunar Rainbow" (ad53dba4) Fixed Badge Of Order Grace missing bonus (a524e39a) Corrected MATK bonus in the item 'Infinity Dagger' (5e0d3e54) Corrected Reverberation behavior (2e90136d) Fixes missing item view on Lapine Shield and White Gold Shield (d04d307e) Corrected Old Glast Heim items (805114c3) Corrected Strawberry Decoration sets (8616332f) Added combos for Legionaire Helm (a8976dd2) Corrected 'Reborn in Valhalla' achievement (fe9f1ace) Fixed Amdarias' Vampire Gift cast rate (585f419e) Cleaned up Miracle damage bonus (f2c73848) Implemented heroes trail cards (1a560dd0) Updates Rolling Cutter counter behavior (4171cd18) SCRIPT: Updated twintowers.txt (d5c6c6d3) Updated Old Glast Heim instance (c04c2e7e) Fixed a typo in 2008's Christmas event (de50a5e3) Added a missing warp in paradise.txt (1f7ceabb) Fixed F_SexMes call (a65e7dbf) Fixed a few name typos with Niflheim (16780638) Fixed sleep error in Geffen Magic Tournament (31bd28df) Fixed Job Level check for Blacksmith and Alchemist quest (8530a7b1) OTHERS: Changed forking reference link (31988abd) Statistics Excluding merges, 14 authors have pushed 56 commits to master and 85 commits to all branches. On master, 82 files have changed. There have been 18,165 additions and 2,208 deletions. There are 26 merged Pull Requests and 16 Proposed Pull Requests. There are 26 new Issues and 43 Closed Issues. List of Contributors @4144, @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @anacondaqq, @Artuvazro, @Atemo, @AzarthMZintos, @BrOgBr, @cydh, @Daegaladh, @Dakado, @ecdarreola, @Everade, @exneval, @Haikenz, @im-mi, @insanchen, @jenkijo, @Jeybla, @Lemongrass3110, @lighta, @luan122, @LunarSHINING, @MrAntares, @rofasindo, @sader1992, @sctnightcore, @secretdataz, @srhmike, @syracuase, @technoken, @uddevil, @Valorro, @win4517, @zackdreaver Show your support to rAthena by submitting your Issue or Pull Requests! By providing enough useful info (Git Hash, Client Date, RE/Pre-RE, crashdump, how to reproduce, etc) you will help us to solve the issues faster View the full article
  4. "Special Enchantment" Following the expansion of the system, the following work was done. · NPC "Tom" was installed. - We added the target item to the explanation of enchantment. Installation location "The capital city of Rune Mid Guts pronutora" (coordinates: 72, 68) Target item Ibaraki hairband [1] Valkyrie shield [1] dark hand [1] magical feather [1] Riot tip [1] With the implementation of "New Year Otama Week World Bonus", the experience value (Base / Job) and item drop rate from Monster, Quest have increased by 50%. Implementation period January 16, 2018 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance End - January 23 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance Start ■ "We selected the works selected for the 15th anniversary" cold jokes "," screams "and" serif contests "when we ate the Nyagot" in the speech at the time of using the skill item. ■ The work selected as the Excellence Award of "Halloween Memorial" Nibble Cat "Serif Contest" was reflected in the cue pet's dialogue. ■ "Certified Internet Cafe Maru bon bonus week" started. Implementation period January 16, 2018 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance End - January 23 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance Start In the "Labyrinth of Dreams ~ Geffen Underground Giant Cavity ~" event, we did the following work. The survey strengthening week has ended. With the end of the reinforcement survey week, we deleted the quest related to "regeneration / re-entrance time limit" currently given to the character. ■ Update · Event Information Notice NPC "Shinko Public Relations" changed the words. Full Patch Notes
  5. - Fixed some local unstable phenomenon - Temporary check reward NPC is applied.  → Location: Inside Paradise [Lublin Promotion NPC] Please talk to.  → Effect: 1. 5% increase in experience (The buff is applied for 30 minutes and can be re-used.)      2. HP recovery 100%, SP recovery 100%      3. Initialization to enable some memorial dungeons (1 once available)       → initialize target dungeons: sealed temple, foggy forest maze, Endless Tower, Bor Cebu laboratory in                 memory of the oak, of Enid Hog's nest, burr corner Wars lake, memories disappear, nest pace worm                 cursed inspection of drinking The top, the horror toy dungeon, the island of Bios,                 the cave of Morse, the old                 Glastheim , the old Glastonheim, the cave of Wower, the unfair raid, the Penrill and Sarah, the last room                 central laboratory, Outside the base, Horror Toy Dungeon (Beginner)                 Old Glastheim (Beginner), Friday Dungeon, Weekend Dungeon, Dreams and Shadows  → Contents: The NPC will appear for 24 hours in the game after the reward is done. to      disappear . Full Maintenance - Patch Notes
  6. 1. Renewal of boss card There are a lot of users who say that some boss cards are not very good compared to the difficulty. This was planned at the time of the initial development of Ragnarok, and since then there have been a lot of other options and naturally a bad option. I am going to change some MVP card options in the past. 2. The same option card, but the area change The option of the Doppelganger card is worn on the weapon, so it was a somewhat lacking option to give up the damage increase option. Therefore, I want to change the part of the card to an accessory. 3. Change the option itself The Osiris card was considered ineffective as a boss card when the option to recover all of them was resurrected. So I want to add an option for that card. In addition, various boss cards such as Wolla, Drake, Amonara, Storm Knight, and the owner of the dead are scheduled to be renewed sequentially I look forward to your much anticipation and interest. 4. Removal of absorption option This card was the item you could get in the game, but HP, SP absorption option has been removed and is under planning. The concept of the card will be changed and applied to the extent that it does not change greatly. 5. Change a card that disables a magic series at a time This card is a card that completely disables or becomes a problem in the magic series. The Golden Thieves Worm Card and Maya Card have been successfully applied to Zero Server. View Full Notes
  7. In the "Labyrinth of Dreams ~ Geffen Underground Giant Cavity ~" event, we did the following work. A survey strengthening week has started. With the start of the survey strengthening week, we deleted the quest related to "regeneration / re-entrance time limit" which is currently given to the character. Survey strengthening week January 9, 2018 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance End - January 16 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance Start ■ "Costume Mission 2018 January" event was held. Duration January 9, 2018 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance End - February 6 (Tue) Periodic Maintenance Start Target item Antenna [0] → [Costume] Antenna Circlet [0] → [Costume] Circlet Hood width [0] → [Costume] Hood width hat [0] → [Costume] Hat Prontera military cap [0] → [Costume] Prontera military cap round bot [ 0] → [costume] round hat ■ The "Amatsu Ascending Kite Flying Festival" event was removed. ■ The following related quest information from the quest list has been deleted. Target quest Amatsu Ascending Kite Flying Festival ~ No. 戌 (One) Decision Battle ~ ■ NPC "Premie" has been removed. ■ "Certified Internet Cafe Maru bon bonus week" ended. I changed the login screen. ■ I changed the loading screen. I changed BGM on the login screen. ■ Update · Event Information Notice NPC "Shinko Public Relations" changed the words. Full Patch Notes
  8. - Kachua probability increase event will proceed.  → Period: January 10, 2018 After periodic inspection ~ January 17 Before periodic inspection - The contents of the drop list of Lichten (Brown) and Lichten (Green) are wrongly set.  Lichtenstein (Brown): Rough Wind, Green Hurertern Card -> Great Nature, Brown Lichtenstein Cardigan  Hieren (Green): Great Nature, Brown Hurteren Card -> Roughwind, Green Lichtenn Card - Pseudoimage Heart Fragment Quest is in progress Fixed the client shutting down in a room where a password must be entered. - The movement speed of "Mado Gear" is fixed so that it can not be changed by skill, items, - Penetration, Tanggye Shin tactile skill, try to use the alliance will disappear the mechanism disappears. Full Maintenance - Patch Notes