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  1. Hi there everyone, im a new player in ragnarok, Hmm i have something to ask regarding to speed potions in WoE.. is it allowed ever since? or just now?
  2. asura @Mystery
  3. @Mystery sir, can you teach me some Eq and stats for champion 99/70? I would like to know more about this class and techniques.. hope you can give me nice and good stuff..
  4. Hi, im a new Ro player. can someone help me where i can find data.ini file?
  5. I want to know how to limit an accessory effect to 1 only.For example of you wear 2 Glorious Ring Only 1 will effect. and the other wont have effect.Is it in the item script? or others..
  6. O i see @Mystery thank you i played RO valkyrie server and many of us have the same bow ( HB[1] ) but it doesnt work, now i know. thank you
  7. For sniper, is the HB[1] Bloody Hunters Bow + Hunting arrow will effect if pre-renewal server?
  8. GRF

    i know me thats why im asking okay i will and some effects on dispell/stun/freeze is it available? sorry for asking im a newbie for this and first time playing RO
  9. GRF

    i need 20 posts to download it thanks Mystery
  10. GRF

    Is there available GRF here?