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  1. Sad thing is they left pre renewal dying xD haha
  2. That is true xD and even harder to find cooler aura's.
  3. I am looking for this aura xD thanks!
  4. Good job! Mystery as always
  5. most server use prontera as their maintown and that is a big map to allow vending.
  6. Yes i saw this on Ziu's post on rAthena and yea it is nice also the link system can't wait for it..
  7. Or maybe you can set on the map that you can only use vending on that specific cell.
  8. Oh wow! is this the better sprite for kage's hats?
  9. I already think about that and change it to 150x. xD
  10. Yes it is pre renewal. well the mechanics are mixed people can enjoy being on a party or go solo with the rates like that. and to be different from what other servers doing. xD
  11. I am currently making my own server right now and I just wanna know if you guys will play if the rate and mechanics are something like Base EXP : 1000.00x / Job EXP : 1000.00x Normal Drops : 100.00x / 100.00x / 100.00x / 50.00x / 1500.00x Boss Drops : 50.00x / 50.00x / 50,00x / 25.00x / 1000.00x Max Base/Job Level : 99/70 Max Stats : 99 maybe its not the first time that someone made something like this? the exp/drops are high (it considered as high rate right?) It's been a while since I made my last private server. so what do you think guys?