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  1. thanks =)
  2. Didnt had much time to do anything. I married recently, moved into another flat and so on xD I hope I will find some more time now =)
  3. thanks you. Yes, I hope so, too
  4. Ooooh Cyro lol, was wondering where you have dissapeared to o/ Thanks =) Yeaaah... I really need to look someday into, how to make a local Server or some sort of thing like that >.> .. So I can view my Maps at least lol
  5. Well.. I did want to make/give them for a Server, which is not following it's passion anymore. In short : no purpose of those maps :l The Rain Forest (which should have Rain Effect - it looks very nice btw) was initially made as Entrance for something similiar like Payon Dungeon (Sohees, Munaks, Bonguns ect.) And the Onsen Map .. hmm.. I guess, I simply felt like making one lol (even tho there is no Steam >_> tried out @clouds .. didnt look thaaat bad lol)
  6. thanks =)
  7. Thanks!! I've only figured out how lights are working couple of days ago, so I'm enjoying it as you can see lol
  8. it looks so nice and clean, i like it
  9. hey, im kinda new into mapping but here are 2 maps I've made so far. still working on the weather effects tho =)