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  1. Yeah, 1 file every 2-3 days is fine. It is clearly better rather than having spam posts which contains "I like that" "Good Update" etc. Worst is that they post on old threads. I'm not saying they are wrong, but it is very clear what their motives are xD
  2. just finished reading this dew point alcove system? what is that?
  3. This is quite a big change, low levels can vend their coins for some profit. But of course those who aim for the highest won't really bother since they would prefer Seagod's Anger to enchant.
  4. Yesss, been waiting for this forever xD
  5. We don't really hang out together IRL because we live on different cities and are bound to responsibilities (Like school, work, family) to create a gathering. I've been with them for almost 7 years, and I still can't believe that we're all still keeping in contact all thanks to those messengers apps which I can't specifically say, heck we all talk to each other every day even if its only 1 or 2 line of sentences, the conversation is never dead. Hahahahah. I can and is proud to say they are like my second family. Unfortunately, we don't play RO together anymore because of our own circumstances. I'm the only one there to give updates about RO hoping that someday we can all play again together, maybe with our kids, hahahaha. I know they do want to play again, but they just don't have the time to.
  6. Please don't forget about Clown with berserk guitar xD
  7. See it for yourself, it is actually a new refiner on the Item Mall. Well, I didn't lie when I said we still need an NPC to open up the new UI
  8. Just saw Ziu's video about this smelting. Turns out we still need an NPC to refine, hahaha. I really like this new UI update, they even have the percentage there displayed. This smelting UI is making it easier to refine, and say no more to accidentally refine other items, wahahhaha.
  9. Oooh, so this is that new 'Smelting' UI. So, if we can refine our own armor with this new UI, I guess normal refiner isn't really needed anymore eh? Or does this smelting UI only available for blacksmith and mechanic class? and that mechanic is getting a new skill to refine armors? Yes, I know that there is no more detailed information on it yet, I just can't help but ask you know? Hahahaha. Marriage between a Doram and Human huh? Seems kind of weird for me... Well, its a game after all, lets not nitpick all the small details xD
  10. Yeah, HR servers are quite boring due to how fast you can max your level. There is also that factor, the early bird gets the worm. If you played on the HR server right on the launch date while the server population isn't really that high, you literally own the world and is able to become God. At least thats what I experienced playing on HR server, can't compete with those who are already there since the beginning of the server, and like the hurdle is too high (equip wise, high refine, crazy cards, donation items). Since the majority of people who play HR are aiming for PvP or WoE, sooner or later they realized that its not fun losing, then they decided to stop playing. While LR servers are hard to level, the new players can still compete or at least manage to catch up with the old players, since LR usually involves with quest and parties and instance together with a friend which automatically makes those on top of the ladder see those who are on bottom, and communicate, guide each other, and help. At least thats what I think, you can't survive alone in LR, I mean, do you really want to grind alone? Isn't it boring? Whats the point of the game being MMO then? xD While in HR you can do everything alone from leveling to farming mvp items as long as you got the time to spare, because most are focusing in PvP or WoE.
  11. Just saw this, very nice sprite. I want to know too, how's the progress on the spear? Ready to share it yet? xD
  12. @Njuyen That is a quest reward from Bios Island if I'm not wrong
  13. The BGM reminds me of Pangya xD This game looks nice, I hope that they will release it on PC too :( Wish RO2 was more like this than the current one.
  14. So, I saw and read this page I'm just wondering, where did you receive all the information regarding the alt sprites? I found a quite reliable blog regarding which job will get the next alt sprite, but its not as detailed as yours. I read a post on that blog talking A BIT about AB's alt sprite like 2 weeks ago, I don't understand Japanese well, but I guess we can just wait for it. I do hope the 2nd sprite of the female AB won't be that short skirted one...