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  1. Hohohoho . Nice job @Mystery . Thankssss
  2. Ohhh , isee thanks Mystery
  3. Can you give me list of private server with doram classes? I wanna try it. TIA I'm playing NovaRO but it's a lowrate server -_-
  4. Nice Job
  5. Philippine Ragnarok Online ( New Iris Server )
  6. +1 Nice Sprite
  7. Hello guys...ugghh looks Cool on 3D concept design . ( Thus far, this game has only been confirmed for a China launch. No word on an international release, but the same developers are releasing Ragnarok Online: Prequel/Ragnarok Zero internationally. So there's a chance they might consider releasing this game internationally. )
  8. Trans server ?
  9. 5 ~ 6 im still playing with my younger bro
  10. I'd love Egnigem Cenia
  11. Gangster BROKE AF
  12. Ok ok . Thanksssss
  13. As the title says, looking to see if this is possible before randomly marrying two of my alts.