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  1. we are looking for an assistant developer for both of our servers and task will be to do fix some things when the main dev is not available. requirements: must have a Paypal account must have discord or skype so we can contact you have knowledge of both rathena and ramod must have at least enough experience in developing. you will be working in a test server we have and dev will apply all works in the main server this is a long term job we encourage applicants to contact us only if interested for real skype: spamboo email:
  2. hello there, 

    im looking for an assistant developer do we have a forum category here where i can post the job ads?



    Infamy Ragnarok Online - Pré-Renewal Server; - Dedicated Server Host (Singapore); - Playable on: PC Client and Android (Download at Server Website); - Low Rate Server; - Experience Rates: Base 15x/ Job 10x; - Floating Rates at Weekends; - Normal Drop Rates: Commom, Healing, Usable Equipament, Card 5x; - Boss Drop Rates: Commom, Healing, Usable, Equipament 5x/ Card 1x; - Other Drop Rates: MVP, Card-Based, Treasure 5x; - Server Timezone: GMT +8; - Max Base Level 99, Max Job 70, 2-2 Classes; - Guild Capacity maximum of 16 members, 21 with extension; - Custom and Costume Headgears; - Costume Wings; - Daily Reward; - Maximum Safe Refine Armor= 4/ Weapons= Depends on weapon level; - Maximum Stats 99; - Maximum Aspd 190; - Instant Cast 150 dex; - PK Mode: OFF; - Party Share Level - 15 Level; - Stable Lag Free and Balanced Server; - Main Town Prontera; - Active GMs and Helpers; - GMs from Different Countries; - Dailies Events; - Forum Events; - Rest System; - M.E.A.A Quest System; - Main Language Used: English; - Broadcast Channels Avaiable: #Main, #PC, #LF, #Support; - Dual Client: Yes, Only 2; - Guild Packages (Atleast 10 Members) Plus Everytime a new guild enters the server it will be x3 Rates (Duration: 1 week); - Freebie Packages; - Avaiable commands for players: @home, @mall, @hub, @vend, @whosell, @jumpforwhosell, @autoloot, @gmhelpme, @joinevent, @rest, @restshop, @dailies, @rates, @time, @whereis, @whodrops, @iteminfo, @monsterinfo, @noks, and more! CUSTOM NPCS: - Freebies NPC - Weekly Freebies (Claimed once a week) - Adv. Stylist - Vote for Points - Pvp Warper - WOE Warper - Hat Maker - Warpra - Platinum Skill NPC - Event Manager NPC - Vending Warper - Mall Warper - NPC Hub warper - Job Quester - Job Changer - Dead Branch Room - Control Panel In-Game NPC - Reset Npc - Dismounter - Cute Adventurer (NPC) Quest for M.E.A.A - PVP Stats Viewer - Build Manager - Login Settings NPC - Name Changer - Gender Bender - Rewards NPC - PointsCheck - Craftman - Feel Resetter - Monster Tamer ANTI-CHEAT SYSTEM ( GEPARD SHIELD VERSION 2.0): - Checking intergrity memory of code section (Game Exe). - Checking intergrity of Game Exe. - Checking integrity of DLL Files in the client Folder. - Encryption of network packets with dynamic key. - Protection against DLL injections. - Protection agains WPE/RPE/OpenKore. - Opportunity to get unique ID of player (Based not on MAC). - Opportunity to block players by unique ID - Prevent run on virtual machines. - Search launched cheat software(OllyDbg, Cheat Engine, PotND, meth4u, xRag, xLike and other). - Works with the latest version of RCX. - Generates crash log. - Prevent emulation of mouse and keyboard. - Prevent use Nodelay. - Prevent redefinition resouces in GRF. - main website JOIN US TODAY! GIVE US A TRY! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!