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  1. it is a movie!
  2. tbh... i still play it just because. its all about nostalgia for me... still doesn't get old for me (yet) lol
  3. ty for this! great work
  4. Hahha yeah! Shield chain is what he means @Bahamut with shield chain, you can use grimtooth or even combat knife too
  5. lol ! Oh yeah the cape looks a lot better now. glad they didn't release the sprite with the old cape oh gosh ha. love it too
  6. They just made this event more useful now hhahah
  7. oh this is awesome! thanks for sharing this with us. That crafting part is going to take a long time...
  8. hahah I can finally see this page! good good
  9. oh wow o.o they buffed up certain monsters and added more exp for them? why lol