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  1. it works with 2014 exes? i mean i can use any exe before 2016?
  2. finally, a well explained EP list!
  3. is there a way to make it smaller?
  4. Sorry guys, i have been a little busy xD. I'll try to post the english version this night.
  5. It's called "Alexandria" bro, it's a really good map. It have market map & field map.
  6. Monster Race

    Monster Race with the next features: - All monsters have a chance to go backwards - @mrace that will teleport you to the event - Monster available: Baphomet Jr. Deviruchi, Pupa, Yoyo, Lunatic & Smokie - Prize: 4 Poring Coins - Time: This event start every 45 minutes (you can change this option) The script is on spanish, however, i'll translate it to english on the next days
  7. Opening: 250 players. Good times!
  8. yeah, devilings have wings above them and as i see, this mob doesn't have wings :o
  9. amazing! i'll try to add wings to it
  10. Classic WoEs with second jobs only, those were the best woes that i ever played. I have seen woe 2.0 with second jobs too which was pretty awesome tho
  11. on RO2 the auction system was important, i wonder.. why is auction not important in RO? i think it's a good system and it avoid merchant spam :o However, about the question, i would say that it's better to allow merchants on towns because at least they will be not empty (?) and most servers have this option enabled. If you create a specific map for merchants it will be ez to notice the numbers of merchants that you have and people will complain with "WOW, 200 MERCHANTS? DEAD SERVER" and stuff like that.
  12. Death note +1!!. P.S: are you adel from rathena?
  13. his base lvl is 750... so i guess it's a super high rates server e.e
  14. So i was reading a spanish blog and they said that it's going to happen, that they will re make the game with better graphics and they put this video as a proof: But it says "mobile" version :( so i don't know that to believe!
  15. omg those graphics are better than the PC version. I have always wondering, why didn't they update the graphics of their PC game? that would bring a looot of new players