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  1. it works with 2014 exes? i mean i can use any exe before 2016?
  2. finally, a well explained EP list!
  3. is there a way to make it smaller?
  4. Sorry guys, i have been a little busy xD. I'll try to post the english version this night.
  5. It's called "Alexandria" bro, it's a really good map. It have market map & field map.
  6. Monster Race

    Monster Race with the next features: - All monsters have a chance to go backwards - @mrace that will teleport you to the event - Monster available: Baphomet Jr. Deviruchi, Pupa, Yoyo, Lunatic & Smokie - Prize: 4 Poring Coins - Time: This event start every 45 minutes (you can change this option) The script is on spanish, however, i'll translate it to english on the next days
  7. Opening: 250 players. Good times!
  8. yeah, devilings have wings above them and as i see, this mob doesn't have wings :o
  9. amazing! i'll try to add wings to it
  10. Classic WoEs with second jobs only, those were the best woes that i ever played. I have seen woe 2.0 with second jobs too which was pretty awesome tho
  11. So i was reading a spanish blog and they said that it's going to happen, that they will re make the game with better graphics and they put this video as a proof: But it says "mobile" version :( so i don't know that to believe!
  12. omg those graphics are better than the PC version. I have always wondering, why didn't they update the graphics of their PC game? that would bring a looot of new players