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  1. i forgot don't stick much on my sample user id and password you need to change it... correction you MUST!
  2. you should be careful on adding or creating database make sure that there is no space or tab dont just copy analyze it first :3 and should be equal from one another ( 'bbmain' == 'bbmain') not ('bbmainTAB' /= 'bbmainSPACE')
  3. just skip that part since the pre renewal is already in default mode "after log database you go proceed to char user id and password"
  4. UPDATE: can be use only on latest premium storage update or above Optimized Inventory, Cart Inventory, and Storage usage#1115 Nov 15, 2016
  5. Your welcome and im very thankful both of you cause at first i thought my guide wont be a good tutorial for newbies cause someone said in rAthena discord that my guide is confusing because of my moving cursor... not gonna mention his name cause its not worth it lmao jk XD
  6. well i was expecting foreigners? XD
  7. i didn't expect more people from philippines to notice this site O_o hello "taga-pinas din po ako XD" (translation: im from philippines too XD)
  8. Hi im Hanashi or you can call me Hani,Hannuh,Hannabelles or you can simply call me Hanna for short I'm new in offering paid service so the price will be cheap $3~ $8 as for transaction it may depend on what idea your proposing me to do (if its possible or not) basically i will accept your idea if i can do it List of service im offering: Custom Script - i do utilities,sql and global script (not for custom instance and battleground too much work on role play script and not my taste to make battleground) Custom Source - i do custom atcommand,script commands and skills (not my concern on client-side or additional payment) Server Installation -i do debian 8,centOs 7 on host (may do on other kind of Operating System but may take time for me to install it cause i will study it first ) -also on offline server for newbies with guidance through teamviewer (im a bad teacher(when it comes to simple instruction im strict and for people who don't use don't expect me to be good as an angel with your cheap price) Custom Security -ongoing development Discord Aesthetic -optional for people who prefer using Discord app than CP flux Discord Forum Pros: -for players may able to notify admins and developers easily -new knowledge on how to use discord -easy to use and can manage it easily -easy to observe and less data usage in server -role management Cons: -no more old actual voting point system -different registration(which i prefer on preventing multiple accounts on a single user) -enrollment method(will have an actual role cause admin,dev or moderator will do the registration of an account of the player) -or if you prefer _M/_F registration sample for enrollment method: a new user joined in your discord server asking for new account @moderator <desired username> any active moderator will get notified by the new user asking for new account and if the desired username exist the moderator will notify or personally message the new user that the account already exist and may depend on the moderator if they will make it or not if the desired username is acceptable for more details on enrollment method will be given when you bought it costing $6 dollar for first ten buyer of my unique registration "my Service will be available this coming 2017"
  9. i haven't update it yet maybe on christmas break i'll update it
  10. as of now i have the step by step tutorial just open Guide in in notepad++ (don't run in cmd or any java program lmao i just set it to java file for highlighting stuff) info.php phpMyAdmin.conf Guide in
  11. thanks for sharing i was looking for this which it was the same with board recruitment
  12. 1st :for some reason using the same concept over and over again like poring catcher majority of the private server has this event which make the game "boring" 2nd: High rates and Low Rates has pros and cons High Rates pros: -greater satisfaction to the player in terms of leveling -intended for players who want to have a quick pvp and woe cons: -easy life makes the game boring... no challenge at all -easy questing -less time in thinking new quest or events -majority of the high rates server using the same concept -50~80% chance of going obsolete Low Rates cons: -less satisfaction to the player in terms of leveling and freebies -hard quest and grind work -maybe p2w pros: -survival of the fittest -no pain no gain -more time in thinking new quest or events -good for adventure party quest -players can show-off their hard work by leveling and stuff they craft or loot even the small price -can easily determine who's the best in pvp,guild and ranking -majority of the low rates has unique quest and events
  13. UPDATE: can be use only on latest premium storage update or above Optimized Inventory, Cart Inventory, and Storage usage#1115 Nov 15, 2016