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  1. i have written the name of the grf in my data.ini file, but it doesn't seem to work.. any thoughts?
  2. reduce some rates maybe? hmmm, 1k is already high... but if you're planning to make a mid-high rate with max lvl 99... it has to be trans only right? a quest type of play perhaps? instead of PVPing?
  3. All LHZ MVPs... Why? hmmm, i love the aura Naght Seigher for the Sprite And ugh, Baphomet for the Scythe
  4. >..< could it be made custom?
  5. Old School WoE 1.0
  6. Got 10 years of friendship On line and Off line. hehe
  7. this, surely will eat a lot of battery... but damn. that 3D though.
  8. freaking OP. Body Relocate on a gunner...
  9. downloaded and put it on my client, but hmmm, that female is too Arch Bishop-ish?
  10. can't find those >..<
  11. cute level : 999
  12. Never, but i would like to have those!!! OMG, they're so cute.