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  1. Ofcourse! It was designed the way it is to keep the server together.. Requires less npcs for different warps.. it means the map will be big but not too big.. and also i wanted the design to fit in with likes of Prontera/Izlude.. so it doesnt have like.. silly advertisements like Coca Cola like you see on other servers custom maps.
  2. Yes i do @Mystery, Screenshots being below :-) We are still a very new server that im not actively advertising since i want to develop it further.. its is just a big struggle since i am the only real developer on the team..However me being the owner i guess i have that responsibility.. I'd be a fool opening a server without those skills. This would be the Mall Area ^^^ Main Hometown Area ^^^^ Vending area, currently occupied by Events until i finish another area of the map :-)
  3. I have designed a custom map that is large enough to contain everything.. vending area, mall, quest area, event area.. etc.. everything
  4. 8 years.. several people from old AssassinationRO
  5. I love tis!
  6. Looks cool.. but definitely not something i would play.. RO is for computers only.. somethings just need to stay pc based.
  7. It's possibly by editing the source coding.. but genuinely too much hassle for its worth
  8. I agree with this guy ^^^^
  9. I'm liking to idea, its clean.. and with the outlay it should be fine.