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  1. I think I've seen all the changes you made before, and this one's the cleanest so far. Good job! ;]
  2. HAHAHAHHAHHAH the Hide.. hahaha! It's using a giant leaf/bush/cat nip?! as a weapon. The appearance is cute. Reminds me of the summoner class in Blade & Soul, the Lynx (also has animal ears & tails). The skills seem to be a combination of a little from each RO class. There are range, melee, elemental, supports (buffs/debuffs/heal), aoe/single atk, and even a trap. The new skills would probably be the summoning monsters. Now that I think about it, it's kind of like the ninja class, with summon skills. This sort of made stating a bit complicated, but not really. I'd assume the player would choose just one out of the three branches (support, elemental/magic, and melee) and stat accordingly. This cat race allows you to be a cat and play in either style of your choice (just no assassin like skills, besides hide... HAHA). Overall, it seems promising. At least it's cute! Part two does do a better job of describing the class ->
  3. They're doing well~ Sherv just finished his first year in college, Dereck's doing well with his job & engaged to his dream gal, Des is still stationed in Japan but will be back in the States soon, Eve is working as always (gonna marry soon I believe), Seng & Rice is busy with their work, and Joy got in IBM!
  4. You do! You might remember: Sherv (Deadly), Dereck (Sasuke), Des (Freedom), Eve (GM Wish), Seng (Dexter), John (Rice) & Joy (Randall Joy)~ :] We do keep in touch with peeps from Moonlight, but a lot have lost contact (like Jaq, Danny, Walter, Pewpew, Poring, etc). ;[
  5. Baphomet. I like his scythe!
  6. Hey Drew :] Is 6-7 years long enough? If so, peeps from Moonlight count! You too~