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  1. I've personally not had the chance of fully experiencing the Doram class yet and don't intend on doing so anytime soon. Primary reason; a lack of interest. Doram support is indeed available over at rAthena, however, keep in mind that newer clients 2015+ (usually very unstable) are required for these new features to function properly. When you consider implementing newly developed mechanics, keep in mind the pros/cons, so that you may minimize issues as much as possible.
  2. @EL_Dragon You've got impressive sprite skills. I too am curious about the Shadow Aura's in-game sprite appearance. Perhaps a screenshot of some sort would suffice. Nonetheless, keep up the good work!
  3. Adorable Chibis! Kudos to Tokeiburu and the NovaRO team. @Mystery, thank you for uploading wonderful sprites. Cheers.
  4. He's got a +1! The stick figure class is hilarious!