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  1. oooh thats awesome lol. so its sorta like cross impact for gx since cross impact you can use daggerss nice.
  2. Woottttttttt! this looks awesome we need to start having servers posted there too!!
  3. OLP build?
  4. hm trying to find a good server

  5. i cant find it in your skill db tho
  6. i pretty much found out about mc from google, rathena, hercules, and facebook xD
  7. i love the old school woe too with the guardians xD the woe2 with barricades isnt that bad either... but its not the same without guards xD
  8. Nice work +1 ! ty @SnakeOfTheFestival
  9. dang @Mystery you always choose some nice colors xD the theme looks nice. i prefer this one over the other one now t.t
  10. yes it is! Thanks @Cyan i've used it in game ;0 works great.
  11. I think it looks awesome @pbryandiniz but i know we can't expect you to release something like this
  12. I don't think so either. shes too bulky with that damn skirt thing going on lol