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  1. @Mystery well yea i know daifuku but i doubt she'll teach me for 'free' Lol
  2. do you have like free design for flux cp? pm me if yes thanks
  3. wow dude do you have their contacts? like fb? skype? i need to talk to them i want to learn how to do that :< pls dude D:
  4. hey you guys know where can i download kamishi's 700 dyes? for free? thanks XD
  5. hey do you guys know the costume wings? where you put it on garm? i'm looking for that costume pls link me thanks
  6. is there a updated version for this? i mean the ones with the new wings? thanks
  7. can you guys tell me if theres a RO server with very good customs? thanks xD
  8. can i request tutorial from you pls?
  9. most bad ass MVP is Ifrit cuz if you're in 255/150 or 99/70 server you'll get one hit lmao i hate that guy XD