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  1. wooo. been awhile since I have logged on back at MC. (argh, I hate being on school government -_-) thankies @Mystery much love and more power to MC!
  2. thanks for this. I downloaded a lot of rune of power sprites. but neither of them works atm now. really thank you
  3. @pbryandiniz np man. really, I admire those who can create some sprites
  4. ohh i see. thanks for the info. if ever im going to make it a class sprite. is it safe to make it as a costume suit? like Summer and Santa's Bag?
  5. ohh. well in my case, i wanted it as a costume suit. but if im going to make it as a class, wouldn't that take me to DL some skills too?
  6. 10/10. My favorite item of all. but never able to get the sprites.
  7. lol. I wanted to upload some. but I guess it is too late.
  8. hi. im new to this community. I have some files in accordance to the topic. but I don't know how to apply it. mind to tell me how to?
  9. cute!
  10. great! mind to ask how to apply this one?
  11. good work!!
  12. cool. nice work