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  1. wooo. been awhile since I have logged on back at MC. (argh, I hate being on school government -_-) thankies @Mystery much love and more power to MC!
  2. ikr. it would be awesome if someone would be able to show us its emulator :D
  3. thanks for this. I downloaded a lot of rune of power sprites. but neither of them works atm now. really thank you
  4. @Mystery oh my god!!! I never imagined it was already on project. this is great!
  5. i guess so. that made perfectly sense. lol. that blew up my idea. XD
  6. @pbryandiniz np man. really, I admire those who can create some sprites
  7. ohh i see. thanks for the info. if ever im going to make it a class sprite. is it safe to make it as a costume suit? like Summer and Santa's Bag?
  8. ohh. well in my case, i wanted it as a costume suit. but if im going to make it as a class, wouldn't that take me to DL some skills too?
  9. Lets not include the Present emulator atm. Well like Ragnarok Sarah Online, they have this classic server which the episode (which im not entirely sure) was the time which the gvg was finally released to the public. And my friend told me that he saw a server that has the story before the Yuno Town was released. Is this an emulator of an Old RO or they just did their homework on latest git?
  10. 10/10. My favorite item of all. but never able to get the sprites.
  11. Well, there are a lot of ideas out there, but I don't know whether it is applicable using Oculus Rift as a platform to visually play RO. Well im not a great programmer, nor a gaming developer. But it piqued my idea, when you can visually see a 3D Ragnarok in front of us. Farming, Hunting, heck even chatting using mics. But nevertheless, just give your thoughts. Maybe someone out there has already done some configuration about this one.(Maybe, Probably)
  12. lol. I wanted to upload some. but I guess it is too late.
  13. hi. im new to this community. I have some files in accordance to the topic. but I don't know how to apply it. mind to tell me how to?
  14. im new here. and I think it is a great idea to implement this rule.
  15. cute!