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  1. can't wait... sometime gravity give a surprise, but now they leak some of it.
  2. how people create awesome graphic like this?
  3. lol, so that's a reason for why poring can spawn. :v how do you think about skeggiold ? it's poring like monster, does it's poring family too?
  4. lol, I like it XD
  5. i think it better to compile using cygwin, the compilation result is not so far enought after uploaded on vps, since linux vps has better price. i had experienced for compilation error for some plugins that no any problem on Visual Studio but has compilation error when compiled on linux vps.
  6. very nice
  7. i like WoE 2, - Picking a stone for repairing guardian stone and repairing barricade. - Warping Flag by Flag to other area. much of strategy beside PvP :v