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  1. i'm using 2015-10-29Ragexe on live server everyting is ok except rodex and achievement, just disable the menu using nemo also using 2016-01-13bRagexe on my local development no problem so far XD
  2. interesting, but that's controversial, many debate about safety riding standard. It's also had some accident case.
  3. i think One Piece still the best to wait.
  4. i'll make new one later. this used on my server already xD
  5. can't wait... sometime gravity give a surprise, but now they leak some of it.
  6. how their imagines come while drawing awesome picture like this? XD
  7. how people create awesome graphic like this?
  8. lol, so that's a reason for why poring can spawn. :v how do you think about skeggiold ? it's poring like monster, does it's poring family too?
  9. Just trying to make a thor pathcer theme with floating button .
  10. lol, I like it XD
  11. i think it better to compile using cygwin, the compilation result is not so far enought after uploaded on vps, since linux vps has better price. i had experienced for compilation error for some plugins that no any problem on Visual Studio but has compilation error when compiled on linux vps.
  12. very nice
  13. nice sura outfit, can i get this sprite?
  14. i like WoE 2, - Picking a stone for repairing guardian stone and repairing barricade. - Warping Flag by Flag to other area. much of strategy beside PvP :v