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  1. hm to be honest, I doubt it'd hurt to have it... maybe some people would just like to search by cards that equip in weapon, armor, shield, etc.
  2. so i was trying look around but there are many different things. so basically there are sins that are using daggers and some sins that are using katars. there's a skill that sins get that boosts katar damage as well... but why are there mainly dagger sins? Apparently when you become a sinx, katars are better. Why though?
  3. dudeeee that's so aweomse! Great work with the sprite so far. +1
  4. im so excited to actually play this game lol. hopefully it gets released in NA
  5. that would always be neat to have ;D thanks
  6. oh my goodness... thats a lot of stuff you created ! Where do you get all the time!?
  7. some ragnarok screenshots!
  8. it has the same feel as a gunslinger... just with better clothes? lol!
  9. thanks for this! may come in handy. though the rune knight sprite is old
  10. yup!
  11. finally someone did this. urgh. its good to see the rates changed because i think that makes more of a mid rate feel.
  12. thanks a bunch sir! very helpful
  13. hi there! i think its a way better design. looks a lot more cleaner haha