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  1. mage / wizard. Got slapped hard on euRO back then at Comodo Beach by Sea-Otters, I will never forget these overpowered beasts xD
  2. @dreinor Awesome things you sprited here. Is your server already playable??
  3. I'm going to drop a BGM Folder Mixtape soon including best of remixed OSTs. Prepare yourselves! >:]
  4. 1764 - Mozart 1795 - Bethoven 2017 - This Just lmao how intense they are playing the intruments... But still entertaining.
  5. Looks like they couldn't decide between RE and Pre-RE because Dorams and Wargs are still existing q.q That opening gave me a feeling of the old RO Anime which broke my heart because it is unfinished...
  6. The only thing that I'd like to see is the new Char Select/Creation window as a future unpacked client feature. However I'm stuck on 2015 because the above are RE Clients <.<'' I don't really know if people will start playing this "official" Server again, it doesn't seem appealing to me. Oh and a kewl name would be zeRO if it isn't taken xD
  7. It's getting more and more better. Huge potential, ... what is RMS? Keep going!
  8. Here my list of cards sorted from Pls Nerf OP to Hella OP I'm talkin for PRE-RE only because RE died for me after certain patches. Furthermore I split them into defensive, offensive and supportive. Golden Thief Bug [ "The best" in defense ] Amon Ra [ "The most annoying" in defense ] Maya [ Defense ] Ifrit [ Random LVL 10 Quakes -> Defensive; Boost for assaulters -> Offensive] Thanatos [ "The best" in offense; Hardcore penetration, but only as secondary weapon ] Valkyrie Randgris [ Dispells your ass offensively, very annoying ] MasterSmith [ Shatter ] Fallen Bishop Hibram [ The most sexy card as well ] Gloom Under Night [ For takers and PVM ] Vesper [ PVM only ] Kiel-D-10 [ Just broken for Instacast DEX ] Lord Knight [ Berzerk yanno ] Smokie [ Dodge Asura... and Damage ] Frilldora [ because Sinx sucks ]
  9. A not replaceable game with not replaceable memories. Playing RO never gets boring (sadly depends on the player-density) and somehow, it has a great bound to (my) childhood. Furthermore, we have discovered friendships and the feeling of being part of a great team (mostly during WoEs).
  10. What about a Jet Pack for the gunslinger? Everybody would play the unpopular class again since there haven't been any Jet Packs since GTA San Andreas
  11. Awesome. I've been waiting long for this (: Now there is only a missing 3rd for Super Novice xD
  12. Sadly we can't rip off the clothes from the female sprite <.<
  13. I like the bandages but yet missing the tattoo in the back ^~^