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  1. excellent content for Naruto fans (for example for me hehe )))
  2. I can only say one thing - must have huge thanks to uploader!!!
  3. I was looking for this for a long time and finally found! huge thank!!!
  4. looks pretty good. I would have downloaded
  5. starting in 2008... Oh a lot of people with whom I communicated. But today there are only probably 5 people with whom I more or less contact. heh, again the memories came flooding back about those times...
  6. here's what I managed to find as for what you posted above - I like it)))
  7. How about this?
  8. Ahahahhah))) I'm kidding)) hah... don't even know... maybe Atroce... to frighten little children... hehehe...
  9. I think it's Alice and the Desert Wolf (auuwwwoooooooo, hahahah )
  10. what a cuties! I liked them! small and funny, I'd love to play
  11. I agree with your opinion. The first version of RO2 was a failure and the second is no better (well judging from what I've seen). Why can't they, for example, put screens of content in advance at the design stage, and if the fans don't like the remake (based on their opinion and wishes), and yet it is possible to take ideas from the same fans who understand the developments. But what I mean, then they would have to buy these ideas, and to invest no one loves, as we know . Probably still easier to do something on the spot and get a quick profit. It makes me upset...
  12. female began to look like loli-doll
  13. I think it can be and will help in the fight against heavy spammers, but the number of downloads will be small...
  14. nice view! I think I'll download it later
  15. *____* looks good... even too good...