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  1. lol they failed their launch and the servers will be closed temporarily, they are also hiring developers (starting from dec 5) gravity fired all their developers that disapproved of the p2p model because the game was far from ready which is why it's so lacking (this was back when cash shop wasn't a thing) if it wasn't obvious imc is the group of ro developers, so you could see why gravity isn't going anywhere. fortunately they managed to fix it and implented another server (they already had the server planned but they decided 1 server was enough after spending 30k+ dollars on advertisements lol) intern developers i assume?
  2. @Mystery @Gatien @itsukawa it's basically renewal with a level cap and 0.9% base exp rates and you lose 10% base/job exp on death instead of 1%. you reach job lv.50 at base lv.30. it's likely p2w with those random box buff potions (it may be removed on official release but i doubt it) these retards aren't even up to date with how much lootboxes are hated right now. drop table is different, it's infested with quests and half of them don't even work.. despite having a new client they haven't addressed the cell lag. the episodes will basically be the same. all of this can be done from a day of scripting, many koreans were enraged and disappointed. they claimed in the interview that they won't include cash items that directly effect the gameplay but they added a npc in izlude that sells random boxes that give upto 18 different buff potions. jelstar will be the token currency like silvervine in re:start to open these boxes / warp to a certain map (not released yet) players hoped it to be far from p2w but it seems to be clear at this point.. and i haven't even got to the part that the game has 3 different vip systems. the status formula will be the same as the renewal. shadow equipment will not be included in this version. they are considering not to implent rerolls on random options from dropped items, there can be upto 3 options and the drop effect colors are (white for 1 option, blue for 2 options, gold for 3 options) mp regen % is extremely common and i've seen stats like 164 defense on tights. their goal is to implent upto trans lv.99 their cash shop / random box idea is directly from lineage m. their plan is to reach top 1 in sales (LOL) the dynamic field which has a trigger that must be met to spawn a certain boss monster. (example: kill 200 poring 100 lunatic 50 pupa to spawn a eclipse. (example2: examine (click) a certain object(s) to spawn a boss) the exp penalty for fighting monsters +15 levels higher than you will be removed (-15 levels lower will still remain) - this may be wrong, it's confusing. overpowered cards like golden thief bug or trash boss cards will have their card stats changed or swap their equip slot they are using a new engine so we might get some bugs fixed. ie: cell bug it will also not be possible to run multiple clients. the after delay for skills will be limited to a maximum of 0.3 seconds so it will likely be easier to spam skills. there will be some craftable costumes like this one at lv.30 and wings (some are afraid it may require cash ingredients)