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  1. Greetings everyone! I just want to tell you guys a friendly reminder. But before that let me give you a background of things: I am a server owner just like most of you guys, been this way for 3 years now. On my 3rd year of being an admin, I decided to give it all I've got for my community because they deserved the best. I spent at least $1300 in exclusive custom made items/stuff/monsters and the biggest main town ever with a Colosseum. It was probably one of the greatest maps @Olrox ever made. @Daifuku's logo on our main town stands to be the best there is and we are all proud of it. @Haziel's custom items made us stand out and made us feel unique. But see, all of these client side things needs to be protected by encryption, right? I knew that before even trying to get these things into order. It is beyond frustrating seeing all your stuff gets stolen by other servers even with encrypted stuff. Goes to show that GRF Encryption is no longer secure. Now before you say I don't know how to encrypt, trust me, I know. This is why I wanted to remind you guys, that if you decide to get services for client-side stuff? Before you throw in $$$, always remember this risk. This risk of getting your shit stolen. Because it sucks. Good luck out there! Special thanks to the people who made our stuff, @Daifuku, @Haziel, @Olrox, @Hyvraine. This ends my reminder/rant. And for the server who got our stuff, hi BrillianceRO, Andy Chandra.
  2. This the server that broke relationships and friendships all at the same time. This is the server that destroyed countless lives. This is the server that will make you call for sick leaves or cut classes. We are back! And nothing shall forestall our return. Website - Forums [General Info] Pre-Renewal | Re-opened: Feb 1, 2017 Base and Job Level: 750/250 Base and Job Exp Rates = 175000x/175000x Max Stats = 1000 | No Stat Seller Max HP/SP 20000000/5000000 100% Drop Rate and some are customized [4] Slotted Equips except shields [2] Perfect Dodge: 50% cap [Features] World of Worlds kRO and Custom Dungeon Instances Automated Events Augmentation System Battlegrounds 2.0 Custom War of Emperium Diverse Arena Raid Boss Fishing Unique Sprites Sexy GM Staff Awesome Community P.S. We need players, join pls.
  4. Awesome release.
  5. How do you add auras again? Sorry I forgot. Hahaha
  6. From a SHR perspective, I'd choose both. For variety reasons and since in an SHR server + our server customization. There's a different build for WoE 1.0 and 2.0 respectively, along with strategies for each WoE.

    1. Mystery
    2. Skyline


      Thanks for that magic collection pack. 

      It's awesome. Specially since we're editing mobs. 

      Question though, is it possible that aoe skills can have different cast circles? Or nah?

    3. Mystery


      Nah. Not unless you probably hex the client some how. All AoE skills will use the same cast circle. Even the single bolt skills.

  8. View File Custom Cursor and Ground Cursor Pack Credits to the original content creators of the cursors and ground cursors. Enjoy. Submitter Skyline Submitted 03/19/2016 Category Skins & UI Author Malufet (Ground Cursors), Tambayan (Cursors Pack)
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Credits to the original content creators of the cursors and ground cursors. Enjoy.


  10. I love you Frei. #nohomo
  11. It's really refreshing to see people contributing.
  12. Wow. Gonna use this mob. Thanks!
  13. Awesome work. Will use it on my server. Thanks for this release!