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  1. Alright! That'd be great!
  2. Single word comments/reply doesn't count.
  3. Great! I'm waiting for the international version of it.
  4. Can't wait to play this game online.
  5. Great grf modification. Less lag = great gameplay.
  6. WoE 2.0 for me is the most stable and best of them all.
  7. Great! Must try this one out!
  8. Better to have it in Prontera as it serves as the main town of RO world and from the word Prontera it means something related to merchants.
  9. I'd pick Eddga because of its drop items like Pipe and Tiger footskin for making Boy's Cap. Pipe + Boy's Cap = Handsome AF.
  10. Met my friends on a private server wayback 2007 I guess and until now we're still united with one guild.
  11. This will be a great adventure to people who are inlove with the game. More people will play this as it is a mobile gaming version, people tend to buy androids/ios because of this. Haha
  12. Expanded classes cannot be adopted.
  13. I want to be a hode because i'm a male and it looks like..uh... nevermind. Haha! Just kidding.
  14. Is this universal to all skills like heal, damage from monsters/players etc...?
  15. Hi, just a question. My client crashes when loading it, do you have the chibi version for trans annd lower jobs of it? Because the server i'm playing has no 3rd jobs.