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  1. WE ARE NOW HIRING!!We are looking for Staff Member Roles: Police Officers [12 Vacant Positions] & Community Assistants [6 Vacant Positions]PAID: All Staff Members will be paid both real cash salary and game code salary (cash credits). It will be an easy task and will not require each staff to spend more than 3 hours per day. You will be working per Shift. But, if you work more daily, compensations will be given. You are allowed to take 2-3 Days Off per week or even more for as long as somebody can work on your shift.If you are interested, and to read more information, please visit our Job Listing Page Here!
  2. Thanks! And that's actually much simpler than you thought. it's the icon similar to the one you see on top of Kafra NPCs. Editing the "signboardlist.lub" in lua files. Actually this is a quick map edit, considering I am just MODding a map originally made by Olrox. Thanks to Syouji's browedit tutorial in YT, i managed to learn the basics in no time. I finished all my MODs (the images of areas provided here) in about 1week. I never added any custom modules or anything sophisticated as I'm technically still newbie in map edit. At the same time, I never really paid attention with the lighting and shadows (but something I would love to study further), that explains why I finished this map quick. Thanks bro
  3. "Downtown Prontera" - Custom Prontera Map. Original Work by Olrox, Modified by Parachute. This map is a modified version of Olrox's Victorian Garden Prontera. If you want to buy the old version of this map, credits had been given in the link (Hope you don't think of the link as advertisement as I only credit the original work). I really liked the map, but it feels like it needed some remake. After acquiring the blessing from Olrox, I finally gotten the permission to modify this map and added features for my server. And Oh, credits to Haziel for my Server Flag Design (aka Prontera Flag). I named this map as "Downtown Prontera." Here's the same graphics I had in my server ad. The highlighted areas are the following: Mall / Shopping Area Cafe & Restaurant Prontera City Hall Prontera Plaza Prontera's Party Area Here below are the extra map edits included: Middle Prontera from "Fountain Area" to Nice Garden Roundabout. Prontera Events Area - Portals that warps people to event areas. Prontera Vending Area - Vending Area for specific tiles Vending Area Portals - Leads to vending areas in other maps Police Department Building - Building for all Support/Moderation utilities
  4. CGRO Hybrid 30x30x10x

    For more, read the text version of the Server Information, please visit: