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  1. @Shaw i couldn't find your message in my inbox, i have sent you a message reply to that
  2. @Mystery thanks a lot :-) i am available for exclusive design, designers can also contact me i am available for premade's as well. if you know anyone who wants please recommend me. free support after is available.
  3. Hello Mystery [ i wanted to showcase as well as let the community know that i am available for exclusive design as well and also selling the current theme, is this the correct section, if not then please move my topic, thank you :-) ] Hello, Midgard Community.. greetings !!! Status :- Available [ exclusive design ] [ designers can contact me i am available at the moment ] Contact Details :- Skype :- yuglighting -or else you can send me a message. Below is the design available for sell - First come first Serve. The below theme includes :- a] Flux CP integrated Full Website Files [ all the features those are included in FluxCp ] b] WoE Status c] Vote for Points addon d] Total registered Accounts , Total in-game Characters , Total number of Guilds, Total number of Parties e] WoE Flag Emblems of top 3 guilds who have captured the Castle f] Next upcoming WoE Countdown Timer g] WoE Schedule h] PvP Ranking with Players Current in-game Look [ hairstyle, hair color, headgear, upper, middle, lower and body color] [ used keyworlds plugin and tweaked it] i] RSS Automatic updates from your forum to your website. j] Discord widget k] Scroll to top. IF Anyone is willing to buy and wants some modification, that will be done free of cost :-) Responsive Design + all sections are Animated. the design is made for easy setup and easy configuration + [ free configuration and small modification from myside ] [100% support after sell is included] Compatibility :- eAthena, Herc and Rathena Contact me for price :- skype :- yuglighting or you can message me on here. >>Live Demo<<