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  1. Red or blue color will be cool
  2. This and sayan hair on star gladiator w/Union of .... xD
  3. Many thanks for sharing
  4. Looks good for custom event idea perhaps
  5. This look pretty cool, looking foward to implement on server as alternative to normal sprites
  6. Woe 2.0 as requires more strategy to win the castle
  7. The Female sprite doesn't look good in my opinion
  8. Cant wait for all to be released (not that we have 3rd jobs, but we aim to implement someday)
  9. Some look nice, but still prefer this classic pushcart (gray one)
  10. I've always been a sort of lonely wolf, but managed to make some friends in the actual server I play now
  11. I think its better to have a different map for vendors
  12. The Kades Guardian and also the Baphomet (was the first MVP i saw because someone spawned at orcs dungeon to have fun on newbies x_x)