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  1. really OP if properly geared
  2. mad editing skills /no1
  3. i like woe 1.0 if pretrans, woe 2.0 if trans and up. theyre just designed that way. the pre-cast in woe 1.0 with trans classes and up is just ridiculous
  4. good community, players sharing :3
  5. i would, if its just purely woe, otherwise it wont last long, maybe a month or two
  6. pot-nd cr16 dat 10 cell range and super pots, stand alone cheat really
  7. incubus, mr hide yo wives
  8. wouldve been the cutest baby classes ever
  9. *cries* *still uses nokia 3310*
  10. better than the original
  11. met my wife in ro, having our 3rd kid this november
  12. would love to try this
  13. definitely garm