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  1. no script on it?? [Lv 1]: 100% <br> [Lv 2]: 200% <br> [Lv 3]: 300% <br> [Lv 4]: 400% <br> [Lv 5]: 500% <br> [Lv 6]: 600% <br> [Lv 7]: 700% <br> [Lv 8]: 800% <br> [Lv 9]: 900% <br> [Lv 10]: 1000% <br> just like that
  2. NEW WORLD RAGNAROK ONLINE Are you looking a server that you can have fun no over powered characters, all items are obtainable via quest then join us and explore RATES 5000k/5000k/Custom SERVER INFO Pre - Re Frost Server Custom Type Server Farm / Quest / Semi ready PVP 255/120 Max Stats 255 Max HP 1.5M Max SP 6k Max ASPD 196 100% drop rate 50% Normal MVP card Drop rate 1% Rare MVP cards Kiel Base SERVER FEATURES Instant Job Changer Faster Respawn rate for MVP Faster respawn rate for normal monsters x2 mob rates High HP MVP Custom equips for MVP hunters Automated Events Basic Custom HG / Rare Cards / Advance rare card quests Gold Room (Point System) Different Currency Shop Custom Castle Drop Box DB room BB quest exchanger MVP / PVP Ladder Mall / Basic Card Seller Healer / Identifier / Repair No Multi Client WOE (TBA) Custom Mobs (Already Working on it) SERVER COMMANDS @warp @go @rates @autotrade / @at @storage @glvl @alootid(space)+(itemID) @autoloot and many more SERVER EVENTS Monthly TOP MVP Ladder Disguise Event (TCG prize) Kill Antonio (Cash point prinze) Cluckers (GM Activated) Mushroom Hunt (Castle Drop Box) Hourly TCG 10 TCG / 2 Cash points drop chance by MVP MORE EVENTS TO COME SOON FREEBIES 2x White Valk Set 1 Doppel Card 150 Gold Coins (quest room starting HGs) 150 Cold Meds HOW TO REGISTER Username_m/_f GUILD PACK WILL COME OUT SOON FB GROUP PAGE New World Ragnarok FB Page SERVER OWNER'S FB OWNER'S FB SERVER DEVELOPER / MAINTAINER FB SERVER MANAGER'S FB SOON TO OPEN
  3. i want this sprite in my server as GM sprite hahaha looking forward to this