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  1. These works give a gloomy feel but at the same time look awesome!
  2. You guys make very nice artworks!
  3. This is cool and the talent needed to make these...
  4. Those are some nice work.
  5. Gives a nice feel for prontera.
  6. Those are nice!
  7. Nice!
  8. Looks splendid.
  9. Well, the only reason I know why people have vendors in main towns is for player count, nonetheless if they really wanted a vending area they should've made a specific map for it.
  10. Entweihen Crothen, because his name is so cool and he looks so mysteriously undead. haha
  11. I play other games too such a Dota2, Ran Online, and Flyff. I'm a Flyff Dev as well.
  12. I have lots of favorite anime. One Piece Fairy Tail Dragon Ball Z Bleach and Naruto
  13. My favorite is Piamette its so cute haha