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  1. it looks pretty neat. tanks for taking the time to release it
  2. I think the female resembles the Female Sage sprite a bit.. don't you think?
  3. I'm glad they actually made this lol... seems so much more convenient
  4. There are lots of people who try to make SHR have some sort of economy
  5. i saw this video on youtube and thought id share it lol. pretty cool stalker using gc with a stalker in gvg
  6. wow it's about time. I think it looks slightly different than the preview images from before... but that's all good
  7. Thanks for this man @D r a k e
  8. I want to see everyone's take on using 3rd party programs such as romedic, etc.! I really do think it shouldn't be allowed in any server... i think cheating just defeats the purpose of even playing.
  9. google ;3
  10. doesn't look like no one is home. is it brand new? i assume it is
  11. i like those too. to bad the author stopped working on them =/
  12. so basically, even that they have FCP... a stalker with a link activated will still be able to strip the FCP person?
  13. I wish I played with the class though lol all i can do for now is just watch other people play xD
  14. Ahhhh thats very interesting! Though, @FXFreitas the link is hotlinked to this topic and not to divine-pride xD