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  1. They're 3D models as sprites. Old school. The series has about 7 games right now and they're all interlinked if you're looking for a great deep story.
  2. Orc Warrior's for Brute race, though yes, they're also Small.
  3. http://store.steampowered.com/app/251150/ It's a pretty good classical RPG, it just recently got translated into English.
  4. 2.0 maps are just a lot cleaner and easier to navigate. Also the barricades and guardian stones make the action spread around the castle rather than have it focus on emp and pre-emp rooms with large precasts.
  5. Yeah, gotta get them Orc Warrior shields ready.
  6. I've been mostly playing JRPGs, single player ones. I finished Trails in the Sky SC a while ago and wholly recommend it to everyone who's a fan of the genre, especially the classics.
  7. Favourite's pretty hard to describe but I really liked Erased last season and enjoying Kabaneri quite a lot this season.
  8. They're pretty damn strong, I'd like to see what impact they'll truly have in PvP, considering they're not Demihuman
  9. Maybe someday'll port the actual class skills to rA/Herc