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May 20th 2015 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:


Mains Servers:

- Smelting Ore Box X sales event ended.
- Corrected the effects of some equipment that were not in the correct position.
- Fixed a bug with the search in the warehouses.

Sakray Server:

- In the end new status icons are added.
-> Items consumables: Enrich Celermine Juice, Throwing Ceromain Soup, ¿¿¿Upgrade Staff???, HP Increase Potion (Small), HP Increase Potion (Medium), HP Increase Potion (Large), SP Increase Potion (Small), SP Increase Potion (Medium), SP Increase Potion (Large),Concentrated White Potion(Z), Vitata500, Throwing Vitata500.
-> Skills: Arch Bishop (Expiatio), Rune Knight (Rhydo, Crush Strike), Royal Guard (Exceed Break), Warlock (Statis), Genetic (Mandragora Howling), Rune Knight (Dragon Howling), Sura (Lion Howling), Mechanic (Magnetic Field), Warlock (White Imprison), Sura (Cursed Circle), Sorcerer (Extreme Vacuum).
-> Status Effects: Stun, Frozen, Stone, Poison, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Curse, Confusion, Undead, Burning, Freezing, Fear, Bleeding.
-> The elemental property that gives the weapon.
-> Resistance properties
- ''Guillotine'' When you kill a player with certain items that add recovery SP when you kill, this option not active and will be corrected.
- Fixed a bug when you get the MvP items.

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