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Job Employment Rules

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Jobs Available Rules
New topics in this section are invisible until approved by a moderator.

  • You may not bump your topic. You are expected to keep the topic updated with your status when it changes. If you do not edit your status in your original post, people are inclined to come ask you to see if you have the position.
  • If your call for help grows to more than 45 days old, it will be purged
  • All new topics are moderated but replies are not. Good replies are as such:
    'I'm capable and match your required skills, my MSN is'
    'Just as a forewarning to anyone wanting to work with this guy, he is nothing but trouble, he did this, this and this on my server and is not worth working for'
  • You are not to flame people in their job posting. Any arguments or other quarrels in topics will land the entire topic in the deletion queue immediately.
  • Referrals are recommended. The person referring someone may post in a recruitment topic to confirm/recommend a person.
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