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February & March Digest 2015

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February & March Digest 2015

The following digest covers the month of February 1st - February 28th 2015 and March 1st - March 31st 2015.



March Digest
Team Changes
  • None


Development Highlights

  • Add channels.conf option irc_channel_autojoin (Commit)
  • Corrected homunculus stats for pre-renewal (Commit)
  • Multiple SC Fixes (Commit)
  • Renewal Updates: (Commit) (Part 2: Commit)
    • -Fixed card bonuses related to to ATK.(Added 'bRaceTolerance'). Thanks Michi for the support.
    • -Fixed Renewal EDP. Special thanks to Awesome Yommy <3
    • -Enabled 'display_skill_fail' since '/skillfail' is already available in the client
    • -AM_DEMONSTRATION and AM_ACIDTERROR is now using RE formula.
    • -Fixed damage modifiers of some skills.
  • Memory Slasher: Script Parser Boost (Commit)
  • Fixed vending on 2014-10-22 and above (Commit)


Scripting Highlights

  • Fixed Endless Tower Weekly timer (Commit)
  • Eden Quest Updates (Commit)
  • Updated socket_enchant2 NPC (Commit)
  • Added Ninja Weapon and Amor Craftman NPC (Commit)
  • Updated Ninja shop (Commit)


Database Highlights

  • Glast Heim items (Commit)
  • Added Nightmare clocktower items (Commit)
  • Added Temporal boots pack (Commit)
  • Added new gears and updated scripts (Commit)
  • New Costume garments (Commit)
  • New Costumes (Commit)
  • New Footgears (Commit)
  • New Accessories (Commit)
  • New headgears script (Commit)
  • New Shields (Commit)
  • New Weapons (Commit)
  • Thanatos weapon pack (Commit)
  • Added 'Crimson' weapons pack (Commit)
  • Added 'Vicious Mind' weapon pack (Commit)
  • Added shadow equipments db (Commit)
  • Updated item_db with new costumes (Commit)


March Statistics

  • During the period there were 82 Commits.
  • Of these 82 commits, 18 included bug-fixes.
  • 3 Commits from Pull Requests
  • In this month, there were 30,751 Additions and 13,087 Deletions.


February Digest
Team Changes
  • @Wolf has been moved from Script Developers to Int'l Portuguese Moderators.


Development Highlights

  • Skipped translations in minimal (script checker) mode (Commit)
  • Battle config option: check_occupied_cells (Commit)
  • Hercules Ultimate Localization Design (Commit, Topic)
  • Fixed parser issue on direct assignments (Commit)
  • Updated 'delequip' script command (Commit)
  • Fixed prestige formular (Commit)
  • Fixed Sate tracking of dialog window (Commit)


February Statistics

  • During the period there were 28 Commits.
  • Of these 28 commits, 8 included bug-fixes.
  • 1 Commits from Pull Requests
  • In this month, there were 2,539 Additions and 1,096 Deletions.

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